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Your Second Home: Choosing the Right Gym

One of the most important decisions you will make as a beginning bodybuilder is which gym you will frequent. Gyms come in just about every shape and size, and their advantages vary greatly. Ask your friends or coach for advice when choosing a gym, but remember that not every gym is right for every person. Shop around to find the best place for your training. Some things to think about include membership value, equipment, location, special training options, and operation.

The first thing you should find out about any gym is cost. Some gyms offer discounts for members who sign up for big blocks of time, like a year, but don't rush into these deals. If you don't like the gym after a month or two, you don't want to be forced to pay for the remaining time. Look at what you are getting for your membership price. How big is the gym? How often will you go there? What "extras" such as day care, snack bars, and towels are included? Cost is not the same as value-most times you will get what you pay for! Compare values at different gyms in your area to find the best bang for your buck.

Next, inspect the equipment. What is available? Go to the gym on a Saturday or other busy time and notice if there is a wait for the machines and weights. Also choose a gym that provides room for stretching. Most importantly, how clean is the equipment? The gym should provide spray bottles to clean the machines and weights after use, and facilities such as the bathroom, locker room, and pool area should be clean. Along with cleanliness is maintenance. There's always bound to be a few breakdowns every once in awhile, but these problems should be fixed promptly.

Compare pricing and equipment with location. You won't want to work out as often if the gym you join is too far from your house. In the best case scenario, you will be able to find a gym that is between your work or school and home so you will be motivated to stop by in the mornings or afternoons. Be sure to look at the special training options available as well, such as personal trainers or fitness classes. Lastly, think about the operations of the gym. What are the hours and are they convenient to your schedule? You may also want to join a gym that is specifically for women, young adults, athletes, or other group of people. By considering all of these gym options, you can pick the place that will become your perfect second home as you begin your bodybuilding training.

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BodyBuilding And Fat Loss

The first step in any bodybuilding program is to first reduce the fat level in the body system and as well as shading some weight to get the muscles in the right mass. You will understand that when you shade off a reasonable amount of weight in order to develop muscles faster.When you are fat and over weight, you will generally not be able to train for a longer period of time. You should also not forget about the fact that the basis of bodybuilding lies in regularly training and quality health style.

Poor dieting and nutrition style is also generally agreed to be the most influencing factor to over weight. Bodybuilding is different from weight gaining. When you are bodybuilding, you tend to grow bigger in size by way of developing huge muscle mass and becoming fitter. But when you gain weight, you as well increase in size but certainly less fit. One very effective way to loss weight and fat yet develop muscles is by regular exercise. Below are other vital things that you need to know in your quest for bodybuilding and fat loss at the same time.

Checking what you eat ? this way you can be able t dedicate from what meal your excess calories comes from.

Weight and iron pump are very good ways to achieving good results - You also need to incorporate weight and iron pump to your regular program. This helps you to increase the resistance on the muscles and also help to tone them up while you burn up calories.

Try develop a good eating habit ? This is true because statistics shows that most fat people loss weight faster when they reduce the amount of food that the eat.

Good water drinking habit ? You have to drink enough water during and after exercise as this helps to flush out fat from your system.

Don?t be to anxious ? You don?t have to be overly anxious to get the desired fat or weight off, as bodybuilding and weight loss is a gradual process.

Adequate sleep ? You need enough sleep if possible after training as it helps to relax the muscle and get it up into top shade.

You can also join a good gym house ? When you join a gym house, you will be given a program by your trainer, which you will endeavor to accomplish daily. You also need to stay focused on you program, as there could come a time when you become discourage due to a gradual muscle development.

Stay away from fatty foods ? You should also try to avoid eating fatty foods, which can be responsible for weight gain.

Chidike Okereke is a researcher in the field of bodybuilding and proper maintenance of the physical body posture through training and exercise. And has been an adviser and trainer for some years now. For questions, information and quality recommendations please, visit the links below:


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Bodybuilding Periodization: Bodybuilding Workouts without Bodybuilding Pain

Periodization is a very popular word in the bodybuilding and powerlifting worlds. It seems that every day we see an article promising us great gains through the use of this or that periodization scheme. We have old school linear periodization. We have new school Russian waved periodization, for example, by Boris Sheiko or Pavel Tsatsouline. We have Westside Barbell?s conjugate periodization. Well, get ready, because now we have yet another form of periodization: Pain Periodization.

What is Pain Periodization? Is it some new hardcore bodybuilding method? Is it the latest fitness fad? Is it some leftover practice of the Marquis de Sade? Is it a new reality game show? That would be three nos. It is simply a common sense way to schedule productive bodybuilding exercises that might otherwise be discarded. Read on and I?ll explain, but first let me illustrate the problem we are trying to overcome.

We all know that there are exercises that we both love and hate. For example, skullcrushers are one of the best triceps moves for getting those huge guns. Unfortunately, some of us also get nasty elbow pain after a few weeks of skullcrushers. It?s the same with presses behind the neck. Some of us swear by them for their ability to build cannonball delts. Some of us swear at them for their ability to produce rotator cuff pain. We all love the bench press, but not all of us can handle the shoulder strain the bench press can produce. Luckily, there is an answer. It?s called Pain Periodization. Let?s break it down.

Pain Periodization is a method of planning our workouts so that we can use our favorite exercises without letting the pain get out of hand. We use the exercise for a certain preplanned period, and then move on to something else. As James Brown would say, we ?hit it and quit it.? Let?s look at some examples.

For shoulder size, we might like the behind neck press. But after four or five weeks, the rotator cuff is so sore that it takes a month to heal. We have forsaken the behind neck press altogether and instead used machine shoulder presses. We?d like to do behind neck presses, but we can?t afford the pain and possible down time. By using Pain Periodization, we can have our cake and eat it too. We can start using our favorite shoulder exercise again and still retain shoulder health.

Here is an example 8-week workout plan using Pain Periodization.

? Weeks 1-2 Behind Neck Press

? Weeks 3-4 Machine Press

? Weeks 5-6 Behind Neck Press

? Week 7 Machine Press

? Week 8 Prehab/Rehab

In the above example, we used the behind neck press for 2 weeks only, then went to the machine press which we find easier on the rotator cuff. We don?t just keep using the behind neck press until our shoulder health is wrecked. In effect, we ?hit it and quit it.? In the second 4-week period, again we use the behind neck press for 2 weeks followed by the machine press. Also shown is an optional week of rehab or ?prehab? during which time we drop all heavy overhead pressing and focus on rotator cuff work and stretching. This one-week rehab phase can work wonders for our shoulder health.

Let?s look at another example using the bench press. We all want that big bench press, but we don?t want a blown rotator cuff. We can use Pain Periodization to allow us to work the bench press without wrecking our delts. Like this:

? Weeks 1-3 Bench Press

? Week 4 Machine Bench

? Weeks 4-6 Bench Press

? Week 7 Machine Bench

? Week 8 Rehab/Prehab

Are we getting the picture here? In both of these examples, the ?painful? exercise was alternated with an exercise that we find to be easier on the body. The examples were slightly different, but the main idea is the same. The pain producing exercises were used only for a short period, and then we switched exercises before the pain had a chance to accumulate. In essence, we ?hit it and quit it.? Try Pain Periodization. It may be just what you need to resurrect some of those forsaken exercises.

Randy Williams is an online personal trainer with 24 years of weightlifting experience. Please visit my blog at and sign up for my free newsletter and receive a 2-part free report on bread and butter bodybuilding set methods. Inquire about online personal training by emailing me at

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How Do I Start Bodybuilding - 4 Secrets For Gaining Muscle Fast

A beautiful body on a magazine can indeed be a product of modern technology. Many people ask how do I start bodybuilding?

To answer this question you need to know that no amount of physical activity can give you your desired body if it is not coupled with bodybuilding nutrition and a body total workout. Actually, it is the bodybuilding nutrition that is the most vital factor in building the best body. Exercise is a mere supplement to it.

Secret #1. Bodybuilding nutrition program encourages smaller and frequent meals rather than large and less frequent ones which can aid in how to get rid of love handles. This is so because frequent meals increase your metabolism. A pattern like not eating for a few hours after a large meal will make the body gain fat and lose muscle because the body will experience a catabolic state.

Secret #2. The body will then feed on the lean muscle tissues in place of the food that you are supposed to eat. A good bodybuilding nutrition program should have meals that include carbohydrates, protein, and fat in the right amounts. This is very important when asking the quesion how do I start bodybuilding.

Secret #3. Carbohydrates and protein should be about 40% while the remaining percentage is for fats. A very effective method in preparing that bodybuilding nutrition meal is to imagine the size of your clenched fist as the amount of food with carbohydrate content, and that of protein as the size of your open hand.

Secret #4. Nutrition supplements are a good addition to your bodybuilding nutrition plan. Bodybuilding supplements work well with a good bodybuilding nutrition program because it improves the metabolism in the body. Thse are the top 4 secrets you should know when you ask how do I start bodybuilding.

Your metabolism may slow down when dieting to achieve weight loss and build muscle and it is believed that exercise can help a great deal. First the metabolic rate can be higher when exercising and so help to burn off those extra calories and help weight loss and build muscle. Also exercising so that you gain more muscle can help to burn more calories as it thought that muscle burns calories more quickly than fat.

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What to Look For in a Home Gym

In purchasing a home gym, you first need to pay attention to the various home gym equipments that is out there. Look closely into the equipment that you are going to purchase and check if it answers your needs of adequate and various exercises in just a single machine. Make sure that you are able to do those exercises without having too much strain on your muscles.

Check to see if there is enough attachments that are going to keep you busy for the thirty plus minutes that you are going to work out for. Also check if the machine that you have seen in the store is small enough to fit in the room that you plan to work out in or would you need to find somewhere else to put it. It is always a good idea to make sure that you can put any equipment that you are going to purchase in the area that you will feel most comfortable doing the workout at.

You should also check to see if there is a way to oil any necessary part of that home gym equipment to ensure that it will outlast what you actually will need it for. Make sure that all the nuts and bolts are covered to save ankles and feet, but yet that you are capable of getting to them so you can safely make sure that they are tight so that there is none falling out in a middle of a workout on you.

You also need to look at the price of the home gym equipment to make sure that you can afford it with out putting yourself in too much debt. It would not be good that you had to set it aside or see someone else use it more than you because you are just too exhausted to use it from work all the time. Just know what you are looking for and go for it don't let too much stop you from getting what you want to make your life better and less stressful.

Callie Armstrong is a writer for Her insights on dieting, exercise and health can be read at

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Building A Home Gym

Due to your busy daily schedule, the time you once devoted to visit the gym has become so limited that actually now prevents you from enjoying a "real" hour of workout without thinking of the million things you have to take care of. Thus, some of your friends decided to create a home gym in an effort to balance work and family responsibilities and manage to stay fit at the same time. But before screaming "That's it!" and bursting out the door to shop till you literally drop, since you have not been using your muscles for a while now, you should better consider the following:

- Goals: The first thing you need to do is to determine your fitness goals. Before selecting which equipment will better serve your particular case it is necessary for you to conclude on what do you want to get out from your home exercising facility. Do you wish to maintain your fitness level or increase it? Do you want to burn more calories and add muscle tone or boost your energy? Moreover, upon deciding on your actual fitness goals you have to estimate which are your objectives; which muscle groups you want to train first.

- Budget: The crucial cost related question comes second, because upon deciding on your fitness goals and objectives you have to determine how much money you have currently available for your house gym project. Keep in mind that a usual price range is between $ 300 and $ 1,000 per equipment and in case you are aiming to buy the best there is, you should at least double those prices.

- Area: Prior to any purchase, you have to decide how much space are you willing to allocate for your home gym. Does the whole basement seem a good idea, or do you have a spare room you use currently to put laundry which can fit your purposes perfectly? Decide on which area of your house is going to be hosting all the equipment you will later carry in and measure its exact dimensions.

- Fitness Machines: In order to meet the previously determined fitness goals and after deciding upon the available budget, you have to go shopping. A variety of fitness stores can supply you with the equipment you will need to train that set of muscles you want, but before accepting an offer try first to look around and check what you can discover. A store might be selling off, a department might have an extremely good deal on a couple of machines, or your neighbor might be interested in selling his treadmill. Check, ask and test the equipment you are considering of buying. After all, you are about to spend a small fortune.

- Expert's Opinion: Ask, listen and write down the opinion of people much more experienced than you. Also it is always better to purchase the equipment you will be using from a fitness specialty store. You are entitled a guarantee and you can choose from a greater variety of machines. Moreover, these types of specialty stores employ professional trainers most of the times, who know what to advice you and why.

- Knowledge: Research and learn. Try to improve your knowledge on safety issues and exercising risks. Read all those equipment directions before attempting to use them and follow them!

Jonathon Hardcastle writes articles on many topics including Fitness, Food, and Boating

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Buying Equipment For A Home Gym: What You Should Know First

So you?ve gone through all the options and decided that a home gym is right for you. After all it?s convenient, private and can save you money by not paying for a gym membership.

You know what?s coming next. You have to plunk down 200, 500, maybe even 2,000 dollars to get the system that you want. And with all the choices out there how do you really know what you want anyway?

There are two main types of machines on the market, cardiovascular and strength training. Your body will look very different after you?ve shed the pounds depending on which exercise machine you choose.

Cardiovascular: These machines get your heart pumping quickly and increase your overall stamina. They include treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, rowing exercise machines, steppers and skiers. Once you get your heart rate going on one of these machines you?ll start shedding calories fast. And most come with a calorie tracker so you can see when you?ve burned off that hamburger you felt so guilty about eating.

Cardio machines often only focus on a few muscles, meaning that your legs might get toned but you won?t get a six-pack or strengthen your arm muscles if all you do is use an elliptical. If you want a toned look all over, you?ll need to add other exercises like sit-ups and push-ups to your routine.

When shopping for a safe machine make sure it is sturdy and quiet when in use. Some cheaper brands tend to be wobbly which can be dangerous and distract you from getting the most out of your workout. An anti static floor mat may also help the stability of your machine by creating a hard surface for it to stand on. Compare prices to the quality of a brand you like. It may be worth it to get the upgrade because it will last longer.

You?ll also want the control panel to have quick response time because when you?ve reached your limit on a treadmill you need to stop immediately. Some machines keep going until a few seconds after you press the button.

To avoid having problems order from an online retailer that has a good return policy. Check to see how thick the base legs are. This is something you can find easily on Pro Form treadmills or NordicTrack Ellipticals.

Strength Training: This is what you want if you?re looking for the big bulk. Pumping weights is the fastest way to get larger muscles without using harmful drugs. You can also tone your muscles with strength training by lifting smaller amounts.

If you plan to work out alone you?ll need to find a machine that has a built in spotter or uses resistance in place of weights. If not you may find yourself at a stalemate with the 100 pounds above your head. Talk about an awkward situation!

Just like cardiovascular workouts, you won?t get big arm muscles if all you buy is an AB CoreMaster. So make sure you know what muscles a particular machine targets before buying. You may find that it?s worth it to spend a little extra money to get an all-in-one gym that targets most major muscle groups than a machine that focuses on just a few.

And don?t be surprised if you don?t lose any weight after strength training for a long period of time. Since muscle weighs more than fat you may even find that you?ve gained a few pounds.

Take the time to analyze your goals. What areas of your body are you concerned about and how do you envision yourself looking at its best? You may decide that what you need is a combination of cardiovascular exercise from a machine like the Pro Form treadmill and strength training from a set of weights. There are a few machines on the market, like the Cardio Cruiser by Jake that do both in one. But no matter what you decide you?ll be happier with your purchase and the results you get if you base it on your goals.

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Where to Find Home Gym Sales

There are many ways on how to find home gym sales. One, carefully watch the advertisements. Raead and look into the daily paper. Watch the department stores advertisements that come in the mail and that they have on the TV. Looking on the Internet or in the fitness magazines that are out there would really be good means to search for good gym sales. You could even ask around to see if any one that you know had heard of any sales that are going on.

Keeping your eyes and ears open to see what you can find out by the word of mouth in everyday conversations is one good thing you can do get to sales that sell trusty equipment. Check out well known places for home gym sales, they will always have clearance items sold from time to time to dispose of overstock items they have.

When you find that home gym sale here is what you have to do: compare products and prices to make sure that it is a real good buy or if their advertisement is just saying that it is because they may need to get rid of the ones (probably some that are not in good condtion or may be lacking a few parts) in house to make room for the new shipment that is coming in.

Make sure that the equipment is cheap but trusty. You may want to make sure that they are not just getting rid of junk that they have in the store. Be wary, this could even be such a thing like the display that someone has destroyed at one point of time. They would want to get rid of it so they can put out a new display that would look better and more inviting to prospective buyers that would come in the store.

Raiding sales calls for extra wit rather than just simply buying expensive established brands. Be smart shoppers and keep and eye out for the best home gym sale that you can find out there. Your best bet would be to just keep a eye on the newspapers, fitness magazines, TV advertisement for stores, store flyers that come in the mail, and the internet.

Callie Armstrong is a writer for Her insights on dieting, exercise and health can be read at

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Even Cheap Home Gyms Can Do the Job

You don't really have to spend lots of money for a home gym system. You may think that you do but if you will only be using your gym rarely, then ask yourself: Why spend such a fortune? Going to the department store around you or watching the paper for sales would really get you a gym for a cheaper price.

If you can, wait till summer when all the yard sales in the area start up. Shop around there and for sure you can usually find real good buys. It's not a good thing to put yourself into debt by trying to really get the most expensive machine in the market - you do not have to get a product that you think is better than what the neighbor next door or across the way plus what other family members has.

Some of the cheaper home gym equipment is just as good and just as effective as the more expensive ones. You wouldn't really use all the features of your home gym, it would be wrong to think that not buying the expensive ones would not give you benefits. Purchasing the cheaper would give you no fear of not using every piece of that equipment because you did not buy it for the parts that you are not going to use all the time.

Think about how you could just save your money and the hassle of trying to pay the amount of the expensive home gym systems. You can always get your money's worth with something that does not cost a fortune to you or your bank account. No matter where you go to purchase your equipment you would need to just make sure that it is what you are looking for with the exercise that you want to accomplish with a home gym and that all the pieces are there if done at a yard sale. Remember that cheaper is sometimes better for you.

Callie Armstrong is a writer for Her insights on dieting, exercise and health can be read at

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Home Gym - Stay Fit From The Comforts Of Your Home

Modern lifestyle has made us lead a stressful life. With busy schedules and stretched jobs, we hardly get any time for daily exercises. Hence, obesity and diabetes and various fitness disorders have become very common problems.

Need for a home gym

When you find no time to go out for exercises, having a home gym is a great relief. By using it, you can exercise and stay fit without having to go to a gym. You can workout whenever you feel like it and when you are extremely tired, you can even relieve stress by gentle workouts on your gym. You can improve your bodyline without having to regularly go out to the gym.

Why is a home gym better than a regular gym?

There can be no better place than one's own home. That is the place where we have complete privacy. Having a home gym, you can workout with comfort and ease. It occupies less space than you'd think and you can always choose what equipment you would like to have. Home gyms offer all types of exercises that you find at regular gyms.

With your gym nearby, you have absolutely no reason to skip your exercises. Commercial gyms are often overcrowded and you may hardly get your chance at the machine you need. At home, you will definitely not have to wait until someone else completes their turn.

What equipment is needed in a home gym?

You may like to exercise for different purposes like weight loss, muscle building, body toning or fitness. You need to choose the equipment according to your needs.

You should have cardiovascular equipments like treadmill, stationary bike and a rowing machine to achieve fitness. Muscle building will require you to have dumbbells, Olympic barbell set and an adjustable bench with leg extension or leg curls attachment. You will probably also need an exercise mat.

Plan your equipment according to your budget and do take into consideration the space you can allot for your gym.

Installation of a home gym

Installation requires a proper floor plan. Floor plans help you in placing your fitness equipment in a proper place and position, and will help you with optimum utilization of space. Some equipment can be placed under staircases if they fit well. Make floor plans according to dimensions and ceiling heights.

Dimensions of equipment when you are on the equipment should be considered to make a comfortable placement. Check the power requirements of your equipment. The equipment may be self powered or may require 110v or 220v dedicated outlet. If you don't have an outlet that suits the power requirements of the equipment, you may have to get one installed.

Flooring is also an important factor to be considered. Make sure, the flooring used for home gym goes well with your fitness goals.

Benefits/ Cost savings of a home gym

Instead of taking a membership every year at a gym center, buying a home gym can save you a lot of money. Cost saving is always an important factor to be considered. You can plan it even at the lowest budget. Some companies also offer special discounts in some special seasons.

So you can just buy one and start your fitness routine at home. Summary:

Modern lifestyle has made us lead a stressful life. With busy schedules and stretched jobs, we hardly get any time for daily exercises. Hence, the need for a home gym.

Brooke Hayles
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Get A Home Gym And Workout At Leisure

Lifestyle changes have had an effect on people. They often tend to make time for everything except for maintaining their health and fitness. And the result is the onset of various diseases and discomforts. There are numerous health centers and gyms which promise to help you stay fit, but how much they really achieve this is a billion dollar question. Even if they are useful, finding a convenient time is often difficult. Do away with all these obstacles. Buy a home gym and work out your own fitness at your own convenience.

Home gym and fitness

Home gyms offer a lot of exercises that help us to remain fit. With this, there is no need for you to travel all the way to your gym and then wait for your turn to workout. Exercise when you feel like it. There is no restriction at all. They offer almost everything you could get by going to a gym center. What's more, your whole family can benefit too.

Home gyms are of three types:

Machine home gyms:

These are constructed of a single steel frame. Different training equipment is attached to different parts of the frame. These come in three types: traditional, power rack and power cage.

Traditional types are the most common and best suited for multi-purpose workouts. They include at least one barbell, two dumbbells, weight plates, a bench and rack and collars to prevent weight plates from falling. Power rack is suitable for people who do heavy exercises. Power cage is almost similar to power rack except a few minor differences.

Free weight home gyms:

These consist of several pieces of equipment that are not attached to each other. These are further divided into three categories; traditional, power rack and power cage.

Traditional types are the most commonly used and suited for all workouts. Power rack and power cage are intended for those who perform heavy exercises.

Plate loaded machine home gyms:

These combine machine and free weight features. These come in three categories; machine without weight stacks, smith machine and combination smith machine

There are various brands available in market.

Bowflex is the top brand that offers fitness equipments. You can perform 60 exercises by Bowflex. It is not a cheap in terms of cost, but it is worth it.

Nordic track is also one among the top most manufacturers of fitness equipments. They are well known for the superior quality they offer.

Cybex offers stylishly designed equipment that is easy to use. It will last for many years.

Nautilus offers top quality at a reasonable price. It is a very good piece for home users.

Weider is one of the top quality brands that offer effective equipment.

What to look for when buying a home gym?

Once you decide to buy a home gym, first concentrate on your purpose for buying it. You may be buying it for body toning, fitness, muscle building or some other reason. Choose one according to your needs. Like, if you wish to have one for maintaining fitness you can opt for some traditional types. If you are intending to use it for heavy workouts, you can go for power rack or power cages. Cost is an important factor to consider when buying. So first decide your budget and go for the ones that offer what you need in your price range.


Lifestyle changes have had an effect on people. They often tend to take out time for everything except for maintaining their health and fitness. And the result is the onset of various diseases and discomforts. There are numerous health centers and gyms where you can workout to remain fit. But investing in a home gym is always a better option in the long run.

Brooke Hayles
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fitness home gyms weight loss

Putting More Exercise in Everyday Life

If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, you'll want to make a permanent change in your lifestyle. Think of ways to add more physical activities to help you burn more calories. If you can burn an extra 200 to 300 calories each day, weight may cease to be a problem. Consider these activities to complement your regular exercise program:

On family outings, allow time for activities that require walking or some other physical effort. While watching TV, make a point of doing something during commercials. Try calisthenics, stretching or just getting up to do something around the house. Replace coffee breaks with exercise breaks. A brisk walk outdoors or to another part of the building will burn a few extra calories. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Walk to a drinking fountain or restroom on another floor of the building to get in a few minutes of exercise going up and down stairs. When driving to work or shopping, choose a distant parking space. Save money by doing your own physical work--mow the lawn, wash and wax the car, take out the garbage, wash the windows, or paint the house. Think of exercise as cumulative. Take a few minutes to analyze the ways you can add more exercise to everyday life.

Aerobic exercise is the best type of exercise for weight loss. The activity chosen should use large muscle groups, be rhythmic and be continuous. Some examples of aerobic exercise are swimming, running, walking, bicycling, aerobic dancing, and hiking. For some obese individuals their physicians may recommend that they participate in non-weight bearing exercise, such as bicycling or swimming .

I am a nutritionist woman who used to be fat. After testing tens of so-called "wonder diets" I've decided to create a Weight Loss Programs Review Website, containing a top of the 3 best programs with a brief description about their features and benefits.

Visit the website! It will help you make a wise decision!

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Bodybuilding - A Complete Discipline

Bodybuilding has been around since 1880, but grew to be a competitive sport around 1930. Eugen Sandow is known as one of the pioneer of Modern Bodybuilding. He was a bodybuilder who took his workouts very seriously and made a science out of bodybuilding. He then later competed in tournaments against other men to display their strength. He is also known to have invented the first dumbbells and exercise machines. Sandow his said to be the inventor of the formula for the ideal physique based upon his own body?s criterias.

The most prestigious body building competition today is Mr. Olympia. It started in 1965. The winner receives a bronze statue of Sandow. Serious bodybuilders from all over the world compete in this much publicized event. This competition has taken an expansion in 1980 when they introduced the feminine part of it with Ms. Olympia contests in 1980. Every year, limits are pushed back as the quest for the best and strongest bodies continues.

Rules and regulations for competition bodybuilding are getting tighter every year. Drugs and illicit substances are being controlled and anyone caught using them in a competition is automatically disqualified. Bodybuilding is becoming more and more a discipline of endurance and health. During bodybuilding competitions, the same strict testing as the ones use during the Olympics is used. Severe criteria are applied in judging bodybuilding competition. The size and shape of muscles are a very important part of the judging process. The size should be exceptional and the shape should be appealing. Muscles that are well defined and good looking will get a good rating from the judges.

Anyone interested in engaging in serious bodybuilding should always consult their physician first. Never exercising beyond one?s physical tolerance is a must. Patience is a must as it takes long time to build the body you want. After a certain point though, the rewards will start to poor in and it gets easier as the muscle mass is increasing.

A particular situation is for teenagers to start bodybuilding. When starting a bodybuilding program, a teenager must respect his own growing needs and never exert beyond physical tiredness. Teen bodybuilders should only train 3 to 5 days per week. The body needs to rest because it is still growing. The caloric intake should be calculated according to the growing needs of the teenager body plus the needs form the bodybuilding program.

When engaging in bodybuilding, a teenager should know that the rate of growth of his muscle can be less than one of an adult bodybuilder. It is recommended to train each part of the body only 1 time per week. Compound exercises such as bench pressing, squats, shoulder press, rowing, and deadlights will yield the best benefits. The key to a successful bodybuilding program for teenagers is to balance volume and intensity. The higher the volume, the lower the intensity should be. If one is working at a high intensity level, then the volume should decrease.

Bodybuilding requires patience and commitment for anyone to see tangible results. After a certain point though, the results can be impressive and daily compliments are a guaranteed reward.

For more information now go to:

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Weight Training at Home vs. the Gym

Gyms are great. They offer their users the latest and greatest exercise gadgetry, well lighted spaces, wall-to-wall mirrors, and strategically placed TVs you can watch if you get tired of staring at yourself sweating.

For some people, gyms are also a place to meet folks and to enjoy camaraderie with fellow fitness buffs and fitness seekers. There are people there to spot you on difficult or potentially risky exercises, or to give you advice on the best ways to flatten a tummy or build bulging biceps.

If you can afford the fee--and, more importantly, if you have the commitment to actually go on a regular basis--by all means, join a gym.

I always advise my own clients, though, to begin their weight training program at home. There are several reasons for this:

Beginners, especially, are often self-conscious working out in front of others--particularly if those others happen to be better toned or more chiseled than they. This is not often a problem in one's own home (where you can even close the blinds if need be!).

At home, you can exercise practically any time of day or night. No need to forgo a workout because the gym is closed or it's inconvenient to get up and out the door to drive there.

Starting a workout program at home offers an inexpensive way to give weight training a tryout before committing deeply to it.

Although I happen to think that weight training is good for everyone, I know, realistically, that some individuals just aren't going to stick with it for more than a few weeks at most. It's better not to sign a gym membership contract until you know you're in it for the long haul.

Now, if you're just beginning weight training, and you're going to do it at home, please don't rush out and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment. You can easily embark on your new workout adventure for less than a hundred bucks. I recommend the following:

A set of dumbbells. For most people in average condition, a good starter set would consist of two 10-pound and two 15-pound weights, with perhaps a couple of 25-pound weights to grow into. If you feel yourself to be weaker or less fit than average, you could get a couple of 5- or 8- pounders as well and use these lighter weights as you accustom yourself to the exercises.

An exercise bench. A basic bench (non-adjustable) will serve you fine, but if you can spring for it, get one that lets you vary the angle of the back piece. Some of the best exercises to help you rapidly build muscles require that your body be inclined while you perform them.

An exercise mat. On a recent visit to a Target store I found 6 different "exercise mats" and another 8 "yoga mats" (which will also work for our purposes). Try to find one that will accommodate your entire length when lying stretched out on it. It should also be reasonably comfortable. You won't be using the mat for your weights workout, but rather for doing supplementary exercises such as abdominal crunches and leg raises.

If you find yourself taking to weight training and decide you want to make it a regular part of your life for a long time to come, then--and only then--you can look at purchasing additional equipment, such as heavier dumbbells, barbells or a cable weight machine. Some people, of course, end up going all out and building an actual gym in their home.

Nevertheless, the basic equipment as outlined above should meet your workout needs for the first few months--and possibly for much longer.

Denny Waldarmo is a fitness coach and a strong proponent of weight training, particularly the system taught in "The Truth About Building Muscle." Denny's eye-opening review of this program is available on his Web site: Or, see the Truth About Building Muscle Web site.

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Fitness Equipments You Need For Your Own Home Gym

Do you dream of having that perfect well-toned body, but you don't have the time or motivation to go to the nearest fitness center? If that's the case, why not consider buying some fitness equipments and converting your house into a gym?

Setting up a gym at your own home is easy to accomplish. No need to buy every fitness equipment you can get your hands on, as you'll spend more than it's necessary and you won't have space at home for all those fitness equipments.

The first thing you should do is find out what fitness equipments you need for your personal gym. Here are some fitness equipment suggestions to get you started:

- Dumbbell set: most come in 5 lbs, 8 lbs, and 12 lbs weight size. Make sure to pick a pair that has rubber handle grip. A good quality dumbbell should be inexpensive, should not roll away when placed down on the floor and should come with its own rack.

- Barbell set: this set often comes included with the dumbbells and also comes in different weight levels. Barbells are a good addition to dumbbells because as you get stronger from lifting dumbbells you want to progress on to lifting the heavier barbells to give your body a different workout. Barbells work various parts of your body such as the upper- and the mid-sections. Barbells can also increase your body stamina.

- Steps: steps are available in different height levels. They provide good aerobics and muscle-strengthening workout.

- Exercise balls. they help improve your balance and you body core strength. Exercise balls are widely used for abdominal workouts. For intermediate users the exercise ball can be used together with a weight bench to workout the stabilizer muscles while doing bench presses. Exercise balls can also be used for pushups, back extensions and lower body exercises.

- Weight lifting glove set: it helps protect your hands during weight training. It helps prevent swollen hands and rough calluses. A solid pair of weight lifting gloves is made from fabric that is comfortable and also allows sweat from the hand to evaporate so that the weights are less likely to slip out of your hands while weight training.

- Ankle weights: they are considered one of the cheaper fitness equipment. Ankle weights are commonly used for body toning and muscular endurance training so as to prevent muscle injury in the lower region.

- Exercise mat: it can be used for floor workouts. Try not to workout on your house carpet in case you slip and injure yourself. Make sure that you select a no-slip mat.

Having a gym with these fitness equipments in your house is much more economical and you'll now have all the time in the world for workout activities.

For more on Fitness Equipments visit and

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A Stair Stepper For Your Home Gym

Why would you consider a stair stepping machine for your home gym? Because home is where the heart is. It's also where more and more people are increasingly building their own gyms to exercise the heart -- along with abs, lats and every other body part that can benefit from a little regular lubrication. Home exercise equipment such as treadmills have been the runaway favorite for years, but is it the best exerciser for you? Have you considered a stair stepper?

The best exercise steppers have complete display readouts with all the resistance adjustments and info on distance, calories burned, etc. Steppers can be considered as a workout by themselves or they are a great cross training tool to mix with other aerobic activities such as biking or walking.

Some of the best benefits a stair stepping machine offers is the low shock to the body while providing a high intensity exercise, and some people find it easy to read while stepping. Steppers have been a popular way to get into shape for years since they simulate climbing stairs, but instead of actual steps they use alternating pedals or platforms. In addition to the great aerobic exercise, adding a stepper to your home gym will help you get into shape for activities such as hiking or skiing.

You use a stair stepper by speeding up or slowing down the stepping rate and control the amount of resistance. Thus, you are able to choose the intensity of the exercise and make better adjustments as needed. As your step ability increases, so will your need for increased stepping resistance.

It's one of the best ways to work the legs, but steppers also place emphasis on the glutes, and incorporate some additional calorie burning cardio. Many people don't perform cardio after an intense leg/glute workout, because it's just so intense. With stair steppers, you've found a better exercise for a full body workout.

Kevin Urban is the editor at Best Home, a comprehensive guide featuring the best home gyms and online treadmill reviews Click here to read home gym reviews on the most popular brands.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bodybuilding - Discipline And Endurance Married Together

Bodybuilding is getting more and more popular as it is a sport that requires both discipline and physical endurance. People involved in bodybuilding either do it as a way of getting in better mental and physical shape. More serious bodybuilder will aim at participating in bodybuilding competitions and are always striving to get to the top level in their category.

When involved in bodybuilding, a person has to watch her diet to ensure she is getting the proper amount of proteins and nutrients to build her muscle mass. A current misconception is that bodybuilders have to avoid carbohydrates. In fact, they eat them to help release energy in a steady stream rather than in spurts.

Carbohydrates are also known to help the body recuperate from the training regiment. Some bodybuilders choose to eat quick digesting sugars after their workouts. It is believed this process helps recover the glycogen in the muscles.

Diet and nutrition are essential elements in bodybuilding. It is recommended to do extensive research in this area or hire a trainer before getting involved in bodybuilding. Nutrition can play a major role and account for a big part of a successful bodybuilding program.

For people involved in competition bodybuilding, their training will be focused on acquiring an overall balanced, strong and healthy body.

Bodybuilding competitions are now judged by a panel who considers way more than just the size of the candidate?s muscles.

In a competition, the total scores of different factors are combined to determine the overall points. The winner at the end of the competition is the one with the most points. Natural bodybuilding gathers people who trained without any use of external supplements. It is much more intense and difficult that traditional bodybuilding. It requires harder workouts and a stricter diet. There are also stricter qualifying guidelines, but the winners as well as competitors in these competitions know they did all the work themselves without any supplements. Natural bodybuilding is gaining in popularity as there is a trend towards more natural training is all sports.

Teen Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding for men has been a competitive sport since the 1800?s. Women started participating in bodybuilding competitions around the mid 1900?s. In recent years, teenagers have demonstrated a growing interest in bodybuilding.

An added benefit to the physical ones is that teenagers involved in a bodybuilding program learn about discipline and good nutrition. They also acquire a lifestyle that will be beneficial for the rest of their life.

For more information now go to:

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Professional Bodybuilding

Sandow is said to have organized the first bodybuilding competition in 1901 in the United Kingdom. It was called the Great Competition. The participation rate exceeded largely what the promoters expected. People were refused at the entrance as well as participants. The first bodybuilding competition took place in the United States in 1904 in New York. People rushed to participate even though the first prize was only $1,000.

The Mr Universe contest really propelled bodybuilding to the general interest in the United States in 1950. The interest in bodybuilding came from both people who enjoyed watching the competition as well as people who trained hard to be in the spotlights.

Training to become a serious bodybuilder requires commitment and knowledge. A person who is serious about bodybuilding will need to understand muscle training and healthy nutrition. Most bodybuilders will prefer to get their extra protein from supplements as it can get hard to get all the necessary nutrients in a regular diet.

An extra challenge is posed to bodybuilders who are also vegetarians as getting all the necessary proteins in their diets can be very challenging. In these particular cases, protein supplements can be of great help. These supplements allow proteins to be absorbed into the body quickly. Protein supplement can be either taken as a pill or a powder that can be mixed with either water, milk or eggs. Protein supplements should not get confused with performance enhancement products on the market. They are two entirely different types of products used for different results.

In the past, bodybuilding competitions have been seen as superficial and not serious. It is now accepted that people entering bodybuilding competitions have spend numerous hours training and working hard to acquire the perfect muscle sculpting that will get them the best marks.

Judging in natural bodybuilding competitions is made up of several areas. The overall muscle balance is one of the most important criteria. It is long gone the time when just big biceps would get the best scores. Deltoids are compared to the size of calves. On the other hand, barrel width of the chest is compared to the width of the thighs. Furthermore, the size of the hips is compared to the sweep of the back. Judges are really focusing on the best overall appearance rather than just one part of the body. Bodybuilders have long understood this and are focusing on all areas of their bodies when training rather than on one area. The ?Popeye? model with big biceps and nothing more is definitely gone for good.

Judging then focuses on the overall look of the bodybuilder. A symmetrical, appealing body will get great marks from the judges and can win first place. This includes how the individual carries himself, grooming, posture, and the types of posses that the competitor uses. The judges will be looking for harmonious poses and a healthy general body.

A person with an overall good looking body will grab the judges? attention.

Being a professional bodybuilder takes dedication and determination. It requires a healthy body and the endurance to continue improving an overall performance. In the case of a person not interested in becoming a professional, there are great benefits from bodybuilding, an area of interest in regards to physical fitness and ability.

Professional bodybuilding is now a discipline for both men and women. What may seam like just a simple display of good looking muscles is actually the fruit of long hard hours spend refining and defining muscle groups until a person has reached a healthy and strong balanced body.

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Bodybuilding Like All Sports Is As Much A Mind Game As It Is A Physical Game

People may look at bodybuilding or bodybuilders and think that it is a sport of very little brain and of bodybuilders as a bunch of muscle heads just lifting weights all day long, getting big ?specs? and staring at themselves in the mirror. Well then for any one who thinks like that, I?m sorry to say that you are wrong. There is a lot more to bodybuilding than what meets the eye; it is as much work mentally as it is physically. Bodybuilders put much effort, time and work into building up their bodies to get it into that chiseled out muscular physique that you may see.

Bodybuilding is really as much a mind game as any other sport, all the pressure to keep on track without missing a single practice or staying focused on your goals especially during those hard times where you fall short. Or dealing with all that discouragement and then having to go on and work twice as hard to make up for it. But the secret here is to keep reminding yourself where you want to reach and how every workout is one step closer to getting you exactly where you would like to be. Bodybuilders must be dedicated and focused on their goals.

Bodybuilders have to keep pushing themselves to lift more and more all of the time or else they will remain in a paused state. Another important thing in bodybuilding is what you eat, if you eat a whole lot of unhealthy foods even though you go to the gym and lift weights most likely you are still going to gain a lot and you know how hard it is to refuse some of your favorite foods just to stay lean. So you have to be smart and health conscious in order to put on muscle.

A good way for a bodybuilder to stay focused is to stick up a picture of someone that they aspire to be like next to a place where they will see it every day like next to a mirror or closet and keep telling themselves that they too will look like that with enough hard work and effort. The next time you see a big, strong guy walking down the street or any where don?t be so quick to call them a dumb muscle head because it takes a lot of time, effort, and hard mental and physical work to get like that.

For more great resources on fitness issues visit a website offering tips, advice and resources on topics such as getting body building diets, aqua aerobics, the benefits of body building supplements and even complete relaxation exercises to try at home.

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NOX-CG3 in Bodybuilding - Does It Help Or Not?

Bodybuilding requires a lot of dedication and time ? it is the solution to take control of how your body looks. All in all, bodybuilding is what you make of it. If you're looking for a way to feel and look great - then bodybuilding is for you.

Bodybuilding is a sport that mainly emphasizes physical appearance, body configuration and shape, trying to achieve aesthetics perfection. Bodybuilding is about building lean muscle mass while lowering body fat. The most important part of bodybuilding is taking the right supplements.

Taking bodybuilding supplements is a great way to boost your performance while working out. Bodybuilding supplements is a definite classification of "nutritional supplements" which aims to aid the increase of muscle mass.

Among the top of the bodybuilding supplements is Creatine, and there are many bodybuilding supplements that use Creatine. One of the most recent of these supplements is NOX-CG3, which has been developed by one a leading company within the Bodybuilding Supplement market, Xyience. The aim of this article is to go through the positive and negative points relating to Nox cg3 when used within Bodybuilding, although the manufacturers state that it also has uses in other sports such as running.

One of the main advantages of Nox cg3 is, according to the manufacturers, the fact that is uses a complete matrix of the most scientifically advanced ingredients available including three highly absorbable Creatines, three Nitric Oxide Boosters, and three scientifically advanced Glutamines.

An almost immediate effect can be seen, as NOX-CG3 only has to be taken with cold water 30 minutes before your workout ? Many other supplements need to be taken well in advance of your workout, and it is a great benefit to be able to take only once, half an hour before your workout commences.

With bodybuilding supplements you should be able to see and feel the huge difference that a complete muscle volumizing formula can make in your general performance and physique.

Another area where this particular supplement gains ground is the taste, as it is available in three flavours, including Lemon-Lime, Blue Raspberry, and Fruit Punch. This can potentially be a huge plus point, as you should not get bored with the taste of it.

It is very hard when you are looking for bodybuilding supplements to decide on just one to buy, out of the hundreds there are available. On first impressions the claims made by the manufacture of Nox cg3 would appear to satisfy all the requirements that a bodybuilder may have for a supplement, and it could indeed be a good choice to make. However perhaps one slight disadvantage is the cost, as it can initially appear to be a little more expensive than other supplements on the market. This does not need to be a problem though as if you look around you will soon find places where you can obtain Nox cg3 at discount prices, which does really take care of the one small disadvantage.

Most importantly it does appear to work as promised with many people reporting an immediate increase of strength in their workouts, and the information from the manufacturers seems to confirm this.

Hank Rogers is a regular reader and contributer to bodybuilding blogs and websites. For further information on the Bodybuilding supplement NOX-CG3, and how to buy it at greatly reduced prices visit

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How to Find the Best Rated Home Gyms For Your Workouts

If you find working out at home to be more convenient and time efficient, you may decide to purchase a personal gym. The place to begin your search is by researching the best rated home gyms. There are several Internet sites that rate and review fitness equipment. These sites are a good place to familiarize yourself with the features of various equipment.

Before you start shopping, take some time to consider what you want to get out of your workout routine. Identify your exercise goals and level of fitness. Home fitness gyms are made for different purposes, some for toning or athletic training and others are rated for strength training. They are all different and each is adequate for different workout goals.

When you have identified your goals and read the ratings, you can start looking at home gyms. Look in stores and online. You may be able to find better prices online. If possible, try out a few top-rated models in the stores. Do this even if you will shop online. Gym equipment is a big purchase and you will want to be sure the machine operates smoothly and fits your body type. Taller people may have trouble working out with smaller machines and getting the full range of motion in all exercises. The best way to be sure a gym will work for you is to test it.

The better the quality rating, the smoother the motion of the exercise will be. While less expensive gyms may seem like a deal, often they are not. Cheap gyms have limited stations and less weight. They also tend to be less stable and durable. If you are reasonably fit, or are trying to build muscle, you will quickly outgrow a cheaply made home gym. Get the best you can afford to be sure the equipment will be adequate as your fitness level increases. On the flip side, if you aren?t interested in strength training, you probably don?t need the most expensive, top-rated home gym on the market. Choose equipment that fits your lifestyle and fitness goals, ratings can help with this.

The better rated gyms come with a decent warranty. Any home exercise equipment with a short warranty should sound an alarm in your mind. Cheap equipment comes with shorter warranties because the manufacturer knows it isn?t made to take a beating. A home gym is a big expense and will be expensive to repair. Get the best warranty you can and if you are buying expensive fitness equipment, consider an extended warranty.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Are Exercise Home Gyms Worth The Investment?

These days working out is a priority for many people, and it is a fantastic habit to start. Not only can exercising help keep us in shape, workouts are great for our overall health also, including both head and heart. People who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from heart conditions and depression, so investing in exercise home gyms might be about the best investment we ever make.

Many of us are gym members, and while this can be a great way to meet other exercisers, working out in a public fitness centre can have its disadvantages. Many of us will try to attend before or after work, the same time that everybody else has time to exercise, and so getting a shot on your favorite gym machine can prove frustratingly time consuming. Some of us, especially beginners, are uncomfortable exercising in front of others, or simply would rather get down to it, without the distraction of other people. For these reasons, purchasing a home workout gym can be a great move.

There is lots of different home exercise equipment available for private gyms depending on your requirements. If you want to increase your cardio fitness with exercises, or lose weight, then a treadmill or other cardio machine is a good idea. A weight training machine, or a collection of free weights, is essential for a good all-round workout - even if you are trying to lose weight, as the more muscle you build, the more calories you can burn while exercising. There are many options in terms of home gym strength training systems; try to find one that offers options for exercises targeting all the main muscle groups. This way you are ensuring the best workout you can.

If you are committed to getting fit, a home exercise gym is a great investment. No more queuing for your favorite machine - you can workout in your own home, any time you please.

For more information, visit:

Kevin Urban is the editor at, a site featuring reviews on the best home gyms for your workouts.

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How to Choose a Free Weight Home Gym

When you think of fitness gyms, they think of a large lumbering machine that will take up half a room. While there are many compact gym systems around these days, there are some people who simply prefer the better versatility of a free weight home gym.

There are some things to consider when making the choice between the best home fitness gyms and a system that is based on free weights. A gym machine undoubtedly will take up more space in your home, and this is a serious consideration for many people. Depending on the number of weight sets you wish to purchase, this can also prove the more inexpensive choice, as gym machines can cost well over a thousand dollars. But for some people, the best choice revolves around more fitness based reasons.

Many people simply prefer the versatility that free weights have to offer. Smaller dumbbells might be the best choice for a beginning fitness buff, but a weight set can be purchased in much heavier measurements too, and so are often preferred by the dedicated body builder. While even the best home gyms offer a specific and limited number of exercises, free weights can be used to perform many other exercises, and tests have shown that using weight sets can require 25% more effort than using machines, which of course, offers an effectiveness of 25% more.

Free weight sets require extra caution, however, particularly at the heavier weights. It is easy to cause injury by an incorrect movement, while the straight plane of movement that a machine offers can help prevent against this sort of accident. Many people also prefer a preset routine of exercises, and home gyms can provide this too, as there is specific equipment for performing specific exercises. Essentially, the difference between the two systems is one of preference, so try out different types of weight systems at your fitness gym before you purchase. With either system, you will get a good workout, so choose which is best for your own comfort and needs.

For more information, visit:

Kevin Urban is the editor at, a site featuring reviews on the best home gyms for your workouts.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Equipping The Bowflex Home Gym

The Bowflex fitness machine takes care of most exercise, strength training and overall fitness training. It replaces most of the gym equipment found at the local gyms today and makes it easier to get an almost total workout using only one machine. You can perform a fitness routine on a Bowflex at home just as if you were at the local gym and using all of the gym equipment there.

Still, there are a few pieces of fitness equipment that you may need in your home-based gym to supplement the workout you get from your Bowflex.

Health care professionals almost always say that walking an hour a day, combined with eating a healthy diet, is one of the best things a person can do for cardiovascular or heart health. A treadmill is helps with cardio fitness and compliments a Bowflex fitness machine if walking outside is not an option. Treadmills come in many different styles, but a simple treadmill can be used effectively with your regular Bowflex workouts and fitness routines.

Other Possible Items for Your Home Gym

Upright, stationary bikes are smaller pieces of gym equipment that take up much less room in a workout area than a treadmill. This is a great choice if your space is limited. Upright bikes are often used in place of treadmills for the cardiovascular fitness routines that are needed for a well-balanced workout.

Medicine balls help with endurance and joint integrity that may hinder and stop a full and complete workout on a Bowflex. Medicine balls are not really considered a necessity for the home gym setup, but in the long run they are very useful. They help with arthritis and other signs of aging.

Hand grippers are a handy little piece of gym equipment that works on improving hand strength while toning and building bigger forearms. They can help prevent any accidents on a Bowflex due to a weak grip.

Fitness balls help tone and shape the muscles that help make a body more flexible. Aerobic exercise equipment such as fitness bands and cords also help with flexibility and give the consumer a great alternative to using weights. They can also help intensify the muscle building exercises on the Bowflex.

A balance disc helps with core body development and training with balance. The balance disc can be adjusted by deflating it or giving it more air for a customized work out.

Most of the Bowflex fitness machines do not come with all the proper cardiovascular or fitness workout attachments to get a complete, well-rounded workout and fitness routine. They do cover almost all of the gym equipment that would be used for strength training and circuit training for muscle building and toning of the legs, arms, chest and abdominals.

The Bowflex fitness machine should not be the only piece of exercise equipment in the home, if there is room in the workout area. It lacks the cardiovascular aspect of a total workout that a well-rounded fitness routine needs. At the least, a treadmill or stationary bike should definitely accompany the Bowflex in your home gym.

Robert Henry is a successful Webmaster and publisher of He provides more fitness exercise articles and information on bowflex equipment that you can research at the above site.

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Home Flex Gym - a flexible way to keep body strong & fit

Flex gym provides complete body exercises within a single machine. Its bungee cords offer secure and suitable resistance to carry out various exercises. It consists of a lat tower, belt, an adjustable bench, leg curl, supportive handles and many other adjustable settings. You can easily workout your whole body at your home. Its main features include:

- Easy to store. - Provides overall body workouts. - Easily adjustable bench and a sliding seat. - Offers more than 60 exercises. - Rounded corners for safety. - Easy lock system. - Modifiable resistance with rapid snap system

The Flex Gym looks after your body strength and cardio fitness and offers more than 60 exercises that includes: bench press, shoulder press, lat pulldown, seated rowing, aerobic rowing, leg curl, leg press, standing bicep curl, leg extension and many more. Its adjustable bench helps you to carry out various shoulder exercises and the sliding seat fulfill the requirement of a rower.

It is the easiest way to fabricate muscle strength and to improve overall fitness of the body. It has a strong steel body and curve shaped seat corners and backrest that helps in avoiding unwanted pinching. You can easily carry out your routine workout at your Flex Gym, as it doesn't require any training or experience.

Home Flex Gym serves the same purpose as a home gym. Such fitness equipments are expensive and require proper maintenance. There are many different suppliers of Home Flex Gym in the market. Always make proper selection and purchase branded equipments. It is also very important to make trial before purchasing any fitness equipment.

Author presents a website on Home Flex Gym and fitness equipment This website provides information about Home Flex Gym, features of Home Flex Gym, types of exercises provided by Home Flex Gym and its importance. For more details visit his site

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