Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Are Home Gyms Really The Best Option For You?

Busy people don?t have much time for leisure, nor for long trips traveling on the road. Busy people spend most of their time at work and at home. But it doesn?t mean that they should not make any effort to get a good exercise workout. Not when you can have your very own gym at home. In fact, you can have a total workout with just one piece of exercise equipment.

It's your choice, a home gym or a commercial gym. If you watch television, perhaps you've noticed the ads airing from some of the major commercial gyms. They often encourage club memberships saying this ensures you?ll get excellent workout results. Some people, including some famous movie stars, claim that by having a home gym you can actually get better results.

There are several factors that you should look into before choosing between a home gym and a commercial gym. Both have their advantages, as well as disadvantages. In the end, you will still be the one to choose no matter what other people might say.

  • Money and Time Saver

Traveling to and from the gym consumes time and energy. If you have a home gym, you can save money because you can cut back on you gas costs and you don?t have to pay for monthly club fees or continuous membership dues. When you get home from work, you can rest for a while and then do your exercise at your convenience.

  • Choose your own work out schedule

It's pretty rare to find any commercial gym that is open day and night. And the truth is it's not everyday that you're in the urge of getting a workout. By having a home gym, you can work out any time of the day or night you choose and regardless of the weather. So even if there is a thunderstorm outside, you can still do your workout inside the house.

  • Better environment

If you join a commercial gym, you have to bear with all the distractions. It's common to see a number of people in the gym working out. There are those who flex their muscles, while others flaunt their sexy bodies. These distractions can be discouraging, especially if you do want a thorough body workout. And here's the clincher, even if you can't get the workout you like, you will still have to pay for it.

But with having your own home gym, it lets you create your own environment, one that is best for you and your situation. You can play your favorite music or you can watch your favorite TV show/movie while doing your workout. Plus there are people who don?t like to be watched when they exercise. And so they will benefit greatly from using a home gym.

So what do you think? Will you go for a home gym or a commercial gym? Staying at home and doing your workout has its advantages. But there is still one thing. The exercise equipment is very important. Today, you can actually find a single machine which can provide you with the needed workout. There are different brands like Body Craft, Weider, NordicTrack and other home gym machines. Most of them are reasonably priced. Besides, you will only need to buy one or two equipments just once, and you get to use it for many years thereafter. There are even brands which offer a lifetime warranty.

So what are you waiting for? Shop around and find that home gym equipment that you will need.

For more helpful information about using home fitness machines and exercise program methods, simply visit where you will discover more tips and advice on elliptical exercise workouts, the best home exercise equipment, exercise bikes and home gym fitness equipment.

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Free Pilate's Workout At Home No Gyms, No One One Bothering You and No Problems

Pilate's have become a main stream form of fitness and exercise. The movements of Pilate's can slim tone, and give you a more flexible body. Invented by Joseph Pilate in the early 1900's the Pilate's movements provide a good exercise routine that combine both physical and mental conditioning.

Once you learn the Pilate's movements you are free. A Pilate's workout at home is very effective. It frees you from gym memberships, buying lots of equipment, and you have the freedom to do the exercises whenever you please.

As you begin your Pilate's at home training you'll find many ways to help you learn. Videos, online classes, and even books on Pilate's are easily available to help you being your Pilate's training.

After just a few sessions of Pilate's you'll begin to see results. If you haven't exercised in a while or even if you're a fitness buff, the Pilate's method will work for you. The main key is to correctly learn the movements and how to perform them.

The Pilate's Dance

Much as a fluid dance, Pilate's movements are designed to flow one to another. Each specific Pilate's exercise should be performed in fluid, non-jerky motions. Sculpting, toning, weight loss, and increased flexibility are all benefits of Pilate's

Pilate movements are gentle and very effective. Each Pilate movement has a name. Here's a sample of a Pilate's exercise:

The Ballerina Arms - sit cross-legged on the floor. Straighten your spine as though you're resting against an imaginary wall. Bend the elbows at ninety degrees. Without hyper-extending take your arms back to connect the shoulder blades. Take the arms down as the shoulder blades slide down your spine. Raise the arms above your head. Return to the starting position.

Pilate's exercises offer many benefits other than simply fitness. They are known to help the alignment of your body. They stretch and strengthen your body. Weight loss is another benefit. In general you will have increased energy levels, and a sense of well being, along with a toned, well tuned body. Many professional sports and fitness trainers incorporate Pilate's with their training.

For the average person Pilate's is a great way to get and stay in shape all from the convenience of your home. It doesn't require great equipment or even a large amount of space.

Study and learn how to perform the movements effectively and you have all you need for a lifetime of Pilate's joy.

Here are some tips for beginner pilate exercise and if you also need some free pilates mat exercises then click on over to Mike Herman's site and find what you need.

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Is There A Perfect Bodybuilding Routine?

Finding the right bodybuilding routine can be a real headache, especially since there are dozens of bodybuilding routines and programs out there to choose from. So how do you know which one is best for you? How do you know that the bodybuilding routines stated in the program brochure really works? And how do you choose the most effective bodybuilding routine? Below is a simple guide for you to choose the bodybuilding routine that suits you best.

The topmost standard in choosing the right bodybuilding routine for you is to see whether or not the program has been tested. Never mind what the brochure says. And never mind what the bodybuilding routine instructor is saying. The most objective way for you to see if a bodybuilding routine is effective or not is by relying on empirical data and experimental results.

A good and well thought out bodybuilding routine discusses all of the following key factors: Goals, training loads, progress monitoring, and recovery periods.

In a bodybuilding routine, the ?just do it and see? attitude will not likely drive any major results. What a bodybuilding routine needs is program that allows progressive training. Guidance on changing your workout loads and periodic progress monitoring is essential to know if the bodybuilding routine you have is working. Regular visits to the weighing scale, size measurements, and one-rep maximums are only the easiest and most direct way to measure your progress with your bodybuilding routine.

Now often, in bodybuilding routines, recovery periods are frequently overlooked. Keep in mind that it is just as important as working out and performing your bodybuilding routine exercises. Your bodybuilding routine plan should cover rest on a regular basis and across the training phases.

The third important question to ask is: Am I the right type of individual to take up this kind of bodybuilding routine? A good bodybuilding routine is one that specifies its target population, age, training level, and effective duration.

Different people have specific needs in a bodybuilding routine. The question to consider is the gender and the age. Some bodybuilding routines might be too taxing for teenagers who have smaller and less developed muscles.

The same thing applies in the training level of a bodybuilding routine. You do not want to train under a bodybuilding routine for novices when you?re a bodybuilding veteran of 10 yrs.

And last, but certainly not the last important thing to consider is the duration of the bodybuilding routine. The program should state for exactly how long you can use the bodybuilding routine before moving on to a higher level.

So if you are serious about achieving your ultimate bodybuilding potential, the guide above should give you a better idea in what to look for in bodybuilding routines.

If you want to possess a well-sculpted muscular physique everybody else would be dying to have, then visit the free info website at and find out how to finally have the rock-hard, eye-catching muscular body of your dreams?

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Guide To Beginning Bodybuilding

Stick to Basic Compound Movements

The core of your routine should be made up of exercises that involve the use of a large mass of muscle and the movement of several joints. Those exercises stimulate a lot of muscle and cause your body to release anabolic hormones. That means stuff like Squats, Deadlifts, Bent-Over Rows, Bench Presses, Overhead Presses, Dips, Stiff-Legged Deadlifts and Chin-Ups. These are the ones that will make you grow. If you go filling your routine with single joint exercises such as Lateral Raises and Triceps Kickbacks (because you want to "isolate" this muscle or that) you will only be wasting your valuable time. Put hard work into the compound exercises, on the other hand, and you will be rewarded with the fastest muscle growth possible. And it's not just my experience that proves this, but the experience of thousands of weight trainers throughout the years.

Eat More Good, Nutritious Foods And High-Quality Protein

Weight Trainers need more protein than the normal individual. Each weight training session causes your muscles to be broken down and rebuilt a little stronger than they were before. If you want to progress at the fastest possible rate then you'll need a healthy dose of daily dietary protein to fuel this process. 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day has been shown many times to be an optimum amount. Be sure you get that much, day in, day out.

How do you do that? Eat lots of stuff like eggs, milk, beef, tuna, chicken, cheese, liver, etc. Essentially, if it comes from an animal it's good. Get yourself one of those protein counter booklets at the bookstore or supermarket and pick out some high protein, animal-based foods. Then use these to meet your protein quota. It would also be a good idea for you to buy a protein powder. That's an okay 'supplement', but remember this: There's nothing that protein powder is going to do for you that a steak couldn't do (and probably do better).

But the powder may allow you to mix up convenient shakes and it may turn out to be cheaper. Anything made from whey, milk and/or eggs will do fine.

You also need plenty of healthful fats, such as those found in fish and olive oil, to support and promote growth. You should eat plenty of carbs such as rice, vegetables and pasta, but avoid sugar and products laden with sugar. These 'good' carbs will give you energy to train and also provide your muscles with the energy they need to build yet more muscle.

Another thing, as soon as you get up eat a good breakfast. And that doesn't mean Pop-Tarts and Fruit Loops. Get some of the good carbs, proteins and fats that I spoke of above. After sleeping all night (and, therefore, not eating) your body needs nutrients to grow with. If you deny it that you will hamper your growth. Have some milk, eat some eggs, eat a steak if you want, but get some protein. Add a little oatmeal (it digests slowly and will hold you over until your next meal) and you have a good breakfast shaping up.

And eat some protein before you go to bed. Overnight your body will need protein, so give it some just before you go to sleep. It could be some meat, some cheese, a few hard-boiled eggs or something else solid. Solid proteins, generally, take longer to digest than liquids, giving a steady supply of amino acids to your body - so use them.

If you skimp on your nutrition you will cancel ALL of the growth that you stimulated in the gym. Yes, nutrition is THAT IMPORTANT.

Get A Good Amount of Sleep

Most beginner's don't realize this but let me assure you, sleep is just as important as training and nutrition when it comes to muscle growth. DON'T just skip over this rule and think it isn't that important. Critical repairs are made to the body and nervous system when you sleep. If you skimp on your sleep then you won't recover from your workouts properly and your nervous system won't fire your muscles optimally. Sleep deprivation results in reduced glucose sensitivity of the muscle cells and higher resting cortisol levels. There are reasons why training, nutrition and sleep are considered to be the 'big three' keys to weight training success. PLEASE, treat good, sound sleep as a full ingredient of your weight training program.

Limit Your Workouts To One hour

There are plenty of 'technical' reasons for that but this is not the place to get deeply into it. Let's just say that it's not necessary. Weight training is not an endurance event. If you want endurance go for a jog.

Don't Train More Often Than Three Days Per Week

"But Ronnie Coleman trains 6 times", I can hear you saying. Unless you are very genetically gifted, you do not have the hormone levels to train that often and progress maximally. It's true that some advanced drug-free athletes can train 5-6 times per week but those routines are NOT appropriate for you at this stage. Generally, drug-free strength athletes make their best gains when they spend more days out of the gym than in. Don't believe me? Hey, it's your life, do what you want - but if you don't listen to this you'll regret it. I've been there.

There's no need to train more than 3 days per week at first. Genetically gifted people will just progress faster on that 3-day program. So, if you are genetically gifted, a 3 day per week training program won't hold you back. But if you are not it might make the difference between some gains and no gains.

When you get more advanced you might end up adopting longer routines (though not necessarily), but, for now, anything over an hour means you're loafing around too much or you're doing more work than a beginner's body is likely able to tolerate.

Strive For Perfect Exercise Form

Cheating your reps builds nothing but ego - not muscle. If you have to cheat that means the weight's too heavy for you to lift properly. Cheating does not make a muscle contract harder because you can use heavier weights. A muscle can contract only so hard and that's that. All cheating does is bring other muscles into the movement so that you can use more weight - that's not how to effectively train a muscle. Besides, cheating can be DANGEROUS. Proper form is safe. When you start deviating from proper form you open the door for a potentially serious injury. Even minor injuries can cause you to miss workouts - and that's certainly not an effective way to gain muscle.

Ignore The Guy Next To You

This rule ties in closely with the rule before this but isn't quite the same. Here it is: Don't be insecure. If you're lifting this puny little weight and he's lifting 5 times that amount (or even 100 times) WHO CARES! He's not you, you're not him. Don't start cheating so you can use more weight. If he's using bad form and cheating a lot then that's his mistake. Remember the tortoise and the hare. If you work hard enough, long enough, and never, never, ever quit, you'll get there too - and with proper form.

You have to swallow your ego. I had been training for almost 15 years when I decided to learn the Olympic-style Lifts (the Snatch and Clean and Jerk). I had to go from Squatting 445 pounds to Snatching 65. Do you know how foolish that made me feel (and look). Remember, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Do what's right for your body, not your ego. HAVE PATIENCE!

Genetics Do Make A Difference - But WHO CARES!

Some people will progress much faster than others. Some people will grow into solid chunks of muscle within a few months, while others will have to work for years to get half the gains. I've seen it a thousand times. And it's not just training routine design, effort, desire or diet. If these things were all equal it would still happen. But there's nothing you can do about it - so GET OVER IT. You can only work with what you've got, so do that. I've seen some very genetically gifted people come into the gym and pass my strength and muscle level within 6 months of steady training - and I've been doing this for over 12 years - but I lived. And I'll be in the gym again tomorrow.

Avoid Those Exercise Machines

That means no Shoulder Press machines, Cable Curls, Pec Decks, Biceps machines, etc. If you want to build the most muscle possible, as fast as possible then you will have to lift free weights. Oh sure, there are all kinds of so-called 'scientific' arguments why the machines are better, but, believe me, there are also a lot more sound scientific reasons why free weights are. And I have one reason for you right now: If you spend your time on those machines you will SEVERLY limit your progress. Reason enough for you? I spent YEARS wasting my time - and so have countless others. Don't become one of those people who hits yourself in the head a little (or long) ways down the road and says, "Why didn't I do the free weights in the first place? Look at the time I've wasted!"

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