Friday, August 28, 2009

Buy A Home Gym

Television advertisers are forever taunting us with newer, easier and more effective ways to work out. Buxom and brawny models make the equipment look as though it's doing he work for them. But like all things, if workout equipment looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Before you buy a home gym, there are many sources of information to consult. Pick up a fitness magazine, research on the Internet, or ask for advice at an exercise equipment store or fitness center. The simple fact is that you are the only one that can really decide just what kind of home gym you'd like to use. Shop around to find the best equipment available to help you achieve the body you'll want to see in the mirror every day.

Setting personal goals is important, but make them realistic goals. Don't buy a home gym in hopes of working away the pounds until you reach the perfect size four. Many size fours are not all that healthy. See your doctor for a complete physical, and have him or her conduct a body fat analysis to determine your ideal weight. If you have health concerns, your doctor might suggest that you workout in a supervised facility where your progress and activity are monitored. Only after you have set realistic, achievable goals should you set out to buy equipment.

When you're ready to buy a home gym, make sure it's one that will grow with you. Avoid buying an expensive all-in-one unit that you'll outgrow in a few months. It's a good idea to start with the basics. If you're new to exercising, buy an exercise bike or treadmill to start getting in to shape. An inexpensive total home gym is another option. These are available in most department and fitness stores. Check your local newspaper, as you can often find home gyms listed in the classified section.

Finally, your lifestyle needs to factor in to your buying decision. If your life is already hectic, don't kid yourself into believing you'll have time to workout on a huge system. You might be better off with a bicycle for commuting to work, and a set of personal barbells to keep by your desk at the office.

Don't be fooled by exercise equipment that looks too good to be true. Achieving personal fitness goals takes time, dedication and hard work, and no fitness gizmo will do the job for you. Shop around before you buy a home gym. You'll be a stronger person for it.

James Anderson is a writer for several popular online magazines, on recreation and sports and fun hobbies topics.

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The Common Connection Between Bodybuilding And Steroids

For many bodybuilding enthusiasts, the intense workouts, focused dieting, and periodic competitions are like a drug themselves. The power that comes from working hard and sculpting your body into something you could have only imagined can be intoxicating. But when exercise and diet carry a bodybuilder only so far, many will often use bodybuilding and steroids together to take their look to the next level ? the long term effects of which can be devastating.

The connection between bodybuilding and steroids is one with a long history. Anabolic steroids are supplements that bodybuilders use to enhance their workout and diet ? the use of which will quickly and significantly boost muscle mass. Steroids are able to achieve this rapid growth of muscle because they contain testosterone - a hormone naturally present in men and women that is responsible for the building of muscle. When testosterone is enhanced by the addition of steroids, its job function is increased.

Because men naturally contain more testosterone, they are able build more muscle mass than women. But when women bodybuilders add steroids to their diet and exercise regime they are able to build muscle mass on the same level as men. Many women who combine bodybuilding and steroids, therefore, will also begin to take on many male physical characteristics.

Bodybuilding and steroids is actually an illegal combination for many reasons. For one, those bodybuilders who use steroids have an unfair advantage over those bodybuilders who build their muscles naturally. In order to maintain a level playing field for competitors, it is necessary to ban the use of steroids.

But most importantly, the long term effects of bodybuilding and steroids have been shown to be disastrous. Linked to everything from acne and hair loss, to insomnia and depression, steroids can have physical ramifications that are simply not worth their use. Some of the more serious side effects include hallucinations, weak ligaments, high blood pressure, and even cancer. In more than one case, steroids have been linked to fatalities.

Bodybuilding is a sport of extreme discipline and sacrifice. For those who take it seriously, the power is in their hands ? and only their hands. Bodybuilding and steroids, while attractive to those who are looking for fast results, can have disastrous long term effects impacting physical health and longevity.

For easy to understand, in depth information about bodybuilding and steroids visit our ezGuide 2 Bodybuilding.

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Diet For Natural Bodybuilding ? Powerful Tips You Can Use Everyday

We are going to examine the most common challenge bodybuilders face which is nutrition.

Unfortunately there is so much confusion about what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and on and on that it is almost impossible to sort out what to do. Also eating to grow is very different the eating to get shredded so the key point to remember is that your diet needs to evolve with your physique.

Consistency and self-discipline on your eating is two biggest keys to long term success on whatever eating program that you are following. Bodybuilders who are successful always plan ahead and have meals prepared well in advance. If you don't plan out your meals and have them with you at all times you will invariably fail in giving yourself the best possible gains. Hoping that restaurants, or friends or relatives will be serving "bodybuilding food" is unrealistic and leads to frustration as well as no progress. Don't be one of those people who do not prepare their meals in advance.

Here are a few simple rules to remember:

1. Always carry 1-2 meals with you more than you think you will need. This way any delays in your schedule will not throw your eating off.

2. Always eat before you go shopping, to the movies, or to other social occasions where non-nutritious food will be served this way you will reduce any cravings for junk.

3. Prepare food in bulk and use Tupperware containers so that you can grab quick meals at any time. Also you will find it takes very little extra time to prepare 10 meals as it does one meal. This savings in time will actually make your life way more efficient and your eating plan easy to stick too.

4. Get off all artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners cause cravings for sugar, mess up your metabolism and brain function, and may have negative effects on your overall health. Cut them out of your diet immediately and switch to Stevia, or Raw Honey for sweetening. No Diet Sodas.

5. Drink plenty of water each day. Most often dehydration is misinterpreted as hunger. Slug back a liter of water 30 minutes before eating or when you feel hungry and you will see how it curbs appetite significantly.

6. Place nutritious snacks in you car, your office desk at your house basically everywhere that you spend a considerable amount of time. You will quickly develop the habit of eating healthy and junk foods will quickly lose their appeal.

7. Schedule a regular junk food meal once per week. This is a powerful lesson that starts building the will to understand delayed gratification. Every time you have a craving for junk food simply right it down and schedule to eat it on a set day. By the end of the week you can review the list and go eat those foods guilt free. Often times by the junk food day you won't want the food or it won't taste as good as you anticipated. Over time you will develop more control over your cravings and reduce negative guilt associations with food.

This list isn't the be all and end all of eating but it gives you a start to work with.

Keep in mind that your eating program should evolve over time. Your body will naturally adjust from desiring different types of foods depending on a variety of factors such as season, nutrient levels, PH balance of the body, training demands, and conditioning levels to name a few.

Recording how food affects you as biofeedback is critical in understanding the powerful effects of food on your mood and your performance. Review your eating journal regularly so that you become aware of your patterns of eating as well developing awareness of how each food affects your body.

You must master eating and training first before supplements can be effective. So many people try the other way around and wind up frustrated. No supplement can make up for a poor diet or poor training so vow to master these two facets first before wasting money on supplements. Once you master your diet than the right supplement at the right time can do wonders to improve performance but seldom does the supplement deliver when the diet is poor.

Check out for more great information on building muscle and getting fit.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Best Bodybuilding Supplements To Take

Sport nutrition supplements help promote muscle growth in bodybuilders. Nutritional bodybuilding supplements also enhance performance and workout routines that include physical exercises. Weightlifting programs or weight training with free weights or machines will benefit from the addition of body building supplements.

Whether you are body building, weight lifting or working out with body toning exercises, always read and review the nutritional information on supplements before adding them to your workout routine. There are many different kinds of nutritional supplements which can be used for bodybuilding, weightlifting or even the general exercise enthusiast.

Many body building supplements also work well for weightlifting programs and even certain diet programs. On the other hand, you may find some sports supplements and nutritional products work better for the specific style of workout routine you are following.

For body building enthusiasts working towards muscle growth, there are some excellent weight gainer whey protein supplements available to help meet your goal. Because these bodybuilding products help add weight and muscle, they may not be best suited for workout routines designed only to tone muscle.

Body Building Supplements

Building muscle mass while sculpting your body for the perfect look can be a long and difficult process.

You can improve workout results with sports nutrition products like whey protein isolate, nor androstenediol, guggulsterones, amino acids, DHEA and meal replacement bars. Bodybuilders and weightlifters alike reach their goals as well as their limits while depending on quality bodybuilding supplements.

Weightlifting Supplements

Weightlifters are always pushing themselves to the limit or lifting weights to the point of ?failure?. To ?burn? through these sets and increase muscle growth, weightlifters employ nutritional supplements. You can safely combine supplements, such as a whey protein isolate, Nitric Oxide and Testosterone Boosters, whether you are just beginning or wanting to reach your peak performance. Weight training programs at all levels benefit when bodybuilding supplements are used in weightlifting workouts.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is a free form gas that is produced in the body and is used by the body to communicate with other cells in the body. To produce this gas, enzymes in the body break down the amino acid Arginine.

Nitric Oxide is a molecule consisting of one atom of nitrogen and one atom of oxygen. The production of Nitric Oxide occurs when the amino acid L-arginine is converted into L-citruline through an enzyme group known as Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS).

Everyone REQUIRES nitric oxide to carry out key physiological processes within the body. From a bodybuilder's perspective, nitric oxide supplementation may prove useful in increasing growth due to increases in blood flow to certain areas of the body. Further, men suffering from erectile dysfunction may also find supplementing with nitric oxide helpful.

Signs of deficiency include the inability to achieve and sustain erections, physical weakness and extreme fatigue. Most "nitric oxide" supplements contain the amino acid Arginine-alpha-keto-glutarate.

With any amino acid containing product, overdose is a possibility. Dosing with too much arginine can lead to diarrhea, weakness and nausea. Clear dosing guidelines have not been established, so it is best to do what is known as "tolerance mapping". Take a small dosage for one week, note the benefits and the side effects, and increase the dosage until the benefits are maximized and the side effects minimized. Over time the two will converge and you will hit the optimal dose. This process is similar to "receptor mapping" for bodybuilders who use insulin.

Protien Powders

Many protein powders are fortified with amino acids, including arginine. With this in mind, pay particular attention to how much arginine you are ingesting from all supplements taken.

Protein powders are formulated to be the perfect meal in a quick and easy shake. It is easy to take them with you to work or school or anywhere that you need to get your protein or satisfy your hunger in a healthy way.

Need to eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight? Or maybe you are trying to eat six small meals each day? Sounds easier than it really is, huh? Protein powders like the ones listed below may be exactly what you are looking for.

How do you pick a protein out of the hundreds that we have for you to choose from? Basically, you are looking for a powder that has the right amount of protein, carbs, fat and the correct protein type for your goal.

If you are trying to lose fat, you will most likely want a low carb, low calorie protein. The extra protein will help you keep your current muscle mass. If you are trying to gain muscle, you would want a high protein, high calorie powder that is relatively low in sugar and fat. If you are simply trying to find a quick meal replacement, a protein powder with medium carbs and medium calories would most likely be for you.

The three most popular types of protein are whey, casein and soy.


Out of the many protein sources out there, whey protein is the ultimate. It comes from milk. During the process of turning milk into cheese, whey protein is separated out. Protein can be found in a variety of foods -mainly meats, such as fish, beef, and chicken.

Dairy products as well as eggs, cottage cheese, soy and vegetable protein also contain good amounts of protein.

Nevertheless, none of these sources compares in quality or ease of use like whey protein. Whey protein has the highest value in providing branched-chain amino acids, which result in building and retaining muscle tissue.

Whey protein (the highest quality and best form of protein) is incredible stuff. It provides the body with the necessary building blocks to produce amino acids that are used for building muscle tissue. Whoa! Nearly every bodybuilder knows the importance of protein supplementation. Studies have been conducted that compare whey protein to other sources. They have found that whey protein contains the perfect combination of overall amino acid makeup... and in just the right concentrations for optimal performance in the body. Both hormonal and cellular responses seem to be greatly enhanced with supplementation of whey protein, too! Not to mention the benefits whey protein has on the body's immune system according to documented scientific research. Whey protein also plays a role as an antioxidant and helps support a health immune system. Most importantly, consistent whey protein intake coupled with exercise will result in consistent muscle building.

Training athletes often consume 25 grams of whey protein per day. Bodybuilders who want serious gains (and are burning serious calories), generally consume 150 grams per day. Extremely high doses of whey protein is not recommended, as this will cause the body's liver to be overloaded and you won't get the same benefits as with a consistent lower amount taken three to five times per day.


Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Amino Acid supplements are an effective and useful blend of essential amino acids for the human body.

Amino acids come from protein rich sources such as meat, fish, dairy products, and vegetables such as legumes, peas, and grains. There are many types of amino acid supplements on the market. Some products claim to have a large quantity of amino acids, but come primarily from a weak protein source (such as milk). Unfortunately, people may have allergies associated with the protein source. Our supplement formula is comprised of the highest quality crystalline protein source.

One and one-half grams of powder three times a day should be sufficient to provide the body with an adequate supply of available amino acids to assist in digesting food and bulking up. There are no side effects with proper supplementation.

Testosterone Boosters:

Raising your testosterone helps you to gain muscle, enhance your mood, support healthy libido, and more! Some prohormones do a great job of raising test levels, but some people prefer not to use them.


Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid. It is a building block of protein that performs a myriad of physiological functions. It is a known precursor of the gas nitric oxide [N02].

Arginine is an amino acid that the body cannot make naturally. Therefore it is important to consume foods that are rich in arginine.1

Arginine is found in high concentrations in nuts and seeds like peanuts and almonds. It can also be found in chocolate and raisins.

Individuals with existing heart or psychiatric conditions should consult with their physician prior to supplementing with Arginine. With any amino acid containing product, overdose is a possibility. Dosing with too much arginine can lead to diarrhea, weakness and nausea. Clear dosing guidelines have not yet been established, so it is best to do what is known as "tolerance mapping" - Take a small dosage for one week, note the benefits and the side effects, and increase the dosage until the benefits are maximized and the side effects minimized. Over time the two will converge and you will hit the optimal dose. This process is similar to "receptor mapping" for bodybuilders who use insulin and steroids.

Many protein powders on the market are fortified with amino acids, including arginine. With this in mind, pay particular attention to how much arginine you are ingesting from sources. If you do not feel comfortable following the above described procedure, it is always best to follow the directions as prescribed on the products label.

Chris DiCicco owns the Supplement Store Flexhealthnutrition.comand has been involved with nutrition for over 20 years. Bodybuilding supplements & weightlifting.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bodybuilding Supplements: How To Choose The Best Ones For Your Needs

Are you interested in turning your body into a muscle bound machine? If so, you are probably familiar with bodybuilding supplements. After all, these supplements have received a lot of attention over the last few years. But just like anything else that you put into your body, you need to be careful when it comes bodybuilding supplements. Although they can help you to achieve your goals, there are many people who are better off sticking to other ways of success.

So how can you choose the bodybuilding supplements that are best for you? This is a common question that a lot of people struggle with. The fact of the matter is that there are some bodybuilding supplements that may work perfect with your body, but at the same time there are others that may not be as good for you. In order to find the supplements that are best, the first thing that you must do is search through all of the available options at your local health store. When you know what bodybuilding supplements are available for purchase, you will have a much easier time deciding on what to buy.

When comparing bodybuilding supplements, there are several things that you should look at. Most of the pertinent information can be found on the label, and this is a great place to start researching each supplement. The label will tell you what each supplement contains, and will also list out any side effects that may go along with it.

But before your purchase, you will want to head home and check things out further on the internet. There are thousands of pages online that are devoted to bodybuilding supplements. You should search for reviews and detailed information on the ones that you are interested in taking. This way you will have the chance to learn about anything that may sway your decision.

Finally, checking with your doctor before taking a bodybuilding supplement is always a good idea. Even though you do not have to do this, it can help to put your mind to rest. After all, the idea behind bodybuilding supplements is to make you look and feel better. Your doctor will be able to tell you if these goals are attainable by taking the supplements that you are interested in.

Choosing the bodybuilding supplements that are best for you is not always the easiest thing to do. This industry has progressed quite a bit as of late, and for this reason you will have to sift through plenty of options before you find what is best for you. And even then, you may not make a perfect decision. But remember, the more research you do the better chance you have of choosing bodybuilding supplements that will work while also keeping you safe and healthy.

Kevin Hall is a fitness guru. Kevin buys all his Diet Supplements & Fat Burners at the interactive website retailer

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Don't Despair - There Are Good Cheap Bodybuilding Supplements On The Market

So you don?t think you?re really getting the results that you should from the gym and you are tired of week after week seeing little to no results. So now you are thinking about using some bodybuilding supplements to bulk yourself up, to get big lean muscle mass but the only problem now is that there are no good body building supplements out there at a cheap price, right? Wrong there are a handfull of great supplements out on the market at very cheap prices that will give you great results.

There are also some very good bodybuilding supplements on the market with unpopular/unknown brand names that work just as well as a product with a big brand name, and therefore most people would assume that the product is no good. What most people would not realize is when purchasing a brand name supplement they are also paying for the name as well. As a matter of fact some of these cheaper supplements actually work a lot better than the others.

You could probably get a few cheap supplements at your local pharmacy, but one of the best sources where you can find a wide variety of good and cheap bodybuilding supplements very easily is on the internet, this is probably the cheapest place unless you were to buy it wholesale directly from the company. Universal is a very well known brand and has a few good cheap bodybuilding supplements such as the Universal Nutrition Gain Fast for under twenty (USD) dollars for a 5 pound bottle and Animal Max Protein for under ten (USD) dollars which is rather cheap for a bodybuilding supplement .

A few good web sites to find cheap bodybuilding supplements are and ill pump you Just keep an open mind when you are purchasing bodybuilding products, remember just because it does not have a big brand name on the label does not mean that is not good. But remember when taking bodybuilding supplement you should also be aware of all the ingredients as you never can tell what you are putting into your body because most bodybuilding supplements are not regulated by the Federal Drug Association. Possible allergic reactions or unknown side effects may occur, so as with any drug you have not tried before be very cautious when trying new bodybuilding supplements.

For more great resources on fitness issues visit a website offering tips, advice and resources on topics such as getting buns of steel, aqua aerobics, the benefits of fitness training programs and even complete relaxation exercises to try at home.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bodybuilding Hormone Secrets

More today on the secrets of supersets...

In the past, I've mentioned supersets being effective simply because they save you time - and that results didn't depend on your heart rate (even though it gets jacked with supersets).

But recent research suggests another reason for the effectiveness of supersets - and that's the increase in Growth Hormone in your body.

GH, for those that don't know, is one of the hormones in your body that increases fat burning.

It's also one of the most popular scam supplements that you hear about in spam email.

So why is GH so popular?

Because everyone calls GH "the Fountain of Youth". It's supposed to make you lose fat and apparently make you look and feel younger...(and it must work - I was 'accused' repeatedly in NZ and Australia of being only 25 years old - almost 7 years younger than I really am - must be the TT lifestyle).

And that's why it doesn't surprise me that both interval training and high-intensity resistance training have both been shown to increase GH.

But the so-called GH boosting supplements aren't backed by science. On the other hand, I've been able to show you the science behind Turbulence Training. And not only science, but results too!

But now for some bad news...a recent study (from JCEM, 91: 678-, 2006, for any science nerds) showed that obese men burn fewer calories and have less post-exercise GH than normal men. And the obese men also had higher cortisol levels. AND the obese men burned fewer calories in the post-exercise period. That's a triple-yikes!

Three strikes against obese men...and possibly why some guys have a heck of time losing fat in the first place. Their hormones are out of whack to begin with - so its harder for their bodies to burn fat.

If you turn to a low-fat diet and lots of cardio, you aren't going to get the GH response that you would if you eat according to Dr. Mohr's fat loss guidelines and if you use the strength and interval workouts.

So let's review the workout set-up that will get you more results in less time...I'm talking 3 workouts of 45 minutes per week that will blast your post-exercise metabolism through the roof and help maximize your hormonal response to exercise.

A - The Warm-up

We use three bodyweight exercises done in a circuit. This is a much better way to prepare for training than by walking slowly on a treadmill.

B - The Strength Training Supersets

This can be as little as one brilliant superset (DB squats + DB presses) if you have only 10 minutes, or up to 4 supersets if you want to spend 30 minutes on your Strength Training.

C - Intervals

Bodyweight circuits, stationary bike intervals, or running on the treadmill or outside, these are just a few of the ways we can do intervals for 10-20 minutes.

We don't need 40 minutes of slow cardio, or even 40 minutes of intervals.

There is still a lot to learn about interval training, but most research is using only 20-minute interval workouts to get major, much-better-than-longer-cardio results.

As I learn more, you'll learn everything.

So that's that. Eat according to the Fat Loss Guidelines to avoid the Western Lifestyle, and exercise and live according to the strength and interval lifestyle, and you'll look and feel fantastic - and YOUNGER!

3 sessions of 45 minutes per week for your fountain of youth!

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men?s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week. For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit

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Bodybuilding Diet Guide

Are you a beginning bodybuilder but don't have a proper bodybuilding diet? This article will talk about bodybuilding diets and what you should do to use them. Below are the three steps to a good, nutritional, bodybuilding diet.

1. The first step is a pretty simple one. You need to have carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in an appropriate amount for every meal. The appropriate amount is 40% of your meal should be carbohydrates, another 40% should be protein, and the final 20% should be fats. It is important that you eat these amounts for each meal otherwise you will not get the results you want.

It is extremely important because if you only eat a certain thing a part of your body will crash. If you eat only carbohydrates your body will crash because it is storing all the carbohydrates that were not used into fat. Also, if you only eat protein your body will not have enough energy and it will not be able to turn the protein you just ate into muscle because that process requires carbohydrates.

2. The second step to a good bodybuilding diet is that you eat small portions throughout the day rather than big meals twice a day. This is important to bodybuilders for two reasons. The first reason is if you don't eat for a few hours your body begins to lose muscle and gain fat, a process in which your body turns to a catabolic state. The reasons this occurs is because your body thinks that it is starving so it begins to eat your lean muscle tissue and prepares to store calories as fat. The other reason is because if you eat several times a day your metabolism will increase which will help you keep the fat off.

Following those two reasons you should prepare to eat around five meals a day. You should space these meals so that you are eating about every 3 hours. This will change depending on the program you are working, your gender, and the goals you wish to accomplish.

3. If you are looking to build muscle mass it is important that you change up your calorie intake. I recommend that you do five days of high calorie intake and follow that with two days of low calorie intake. To figure out what amount of calories you need to take in you do the following formulas:

-Lean body mass times 15 will find the amount of calories you need to take in on a high calorie day.

-Lean body mass times 12 will find the amount of calories you need to take in on a low calorie day.

If you are looking to lose fat while you are trying to build muscle you need to tweak the above program a little bit. You should do five days of low calorie intake followed by 2 days of high calorie intake. You can still use the above formulas you just need to switch the days around.

Thats just one of the many bodybuilding diets that are out there but if you follow those three simple steps you should have a good, healthy bodybuilding diet.

Michael Parker reveals what women really want at his how to build up muscle website for ways to build muscle and attract women. Get your free copy of "How Your Physique Affects the Female Mind" right here now.

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