Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to Have a Perfect Body with Ripfast Bodybuilding Products

There is no wonder Ripfast Company has so many loyal customers all over the world. Ripfast bodybuilding products are the solution to many problems and difficulties in the bodybuilding process. In many cases the workouts for achieving a great body and muscle mass end up in long recovery periods and therefore less outstanding results. In other cases the problem in the way of developing the desirable muscle mass is the reached plateau, almost impossible to avoid or to surpass. To these and many more similar problems that occur in the bodybuilding process Ripfast Company has the answers and the effective solution.

Unlike some counterfeit bodybuilding products that promises great results with no work, Ripfast products points out the great importance of daily exercise and workouts. Consistency is the key word that should define the day of a Ripfast consumer, as the product only will not bring the desired results. Besides, the ingredients of Ripfast products will help the customer to sustain serious efforts and to improve their quality.

Ripfast bodybuilding products work in a special way: although they do not contain forbidden or illegal ingredients, they "mimic" effects of anabolic pharmaceuticals. In addition, Ripfast supplements are hormone-free products, increasing energy and power of the body. The recover process after hard workouts is not so long if using Ripfast products and overall performance is increased.

Rapid absorption of Ripfast products and rapid results are the main advantages of these bodybuilding supplements without mentioning the lack of any side effects so common in cases of unreliable products. The result in the mood and performance after using Ripfast supplements is to be noticed only after 48 hours. The Ripfast customers describe a feeling of freshness and capacity of getting to work, a special power and stamina. There is one small step from this state of mind and body to achieving a spectacular body with carvings and shapes so desirable nowadays.

Ripfast Company offers several categories of products helpful in the bodybuilding process, be it the case of supplements that contain legal amounts of testosterone, products that contain whey proteins or creatine. There are Ripfast products available for almost any type of problem. One of the most famous Ripfast products is Diuretix, responsible for water management in the body, especially water contained subcutaneous. Reducing the water beneath the skin's surface is helpful in achieving exquisite cuts and vascularity. If this Ripfast product is combined with others the fat loss process can be increased, leading to the increase of the muscle mass growth as well.

Another revolutionary Ripfast bodybuilding supplement is Testo Intelligence Stack SS1, famous for influencing the activity of myostatin gene responsible for muscle mass growth and fat loss in the body. This outstanding Ripfast product is very successful among the connoisseurs of bodybuilding performance. The mentioned processes are boosted with the help of a unique combination of ingredients based on researches and studies. There is another reason for the huge popularity of Ripfast products and this is the case of availability of some supplements in 5 to 8 delicious flavors whipped cream style. This aspect makes Ripfast bodybuilding supplements special and unique, giving the possibility of combining the pleasant with the useful. These aspects offered by Ripfast Company will help achieving a perfect body and an exquisite performance.

Ripfast - The greatest bodybuilding company in the world. Take Ripfast products to build muscle and acheive your bodybuilding goals fast.

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Body Rhythms and Future of Bodybuilding

The future of bodybuilding may not be in the weight room of your local gym, but in a researcher's laboratory. Scientists are listening to your body rhythms to help you enhance your performance tomorrow.

There are a few body rhythms affecting our bodies. Seasonal rhythms are felt at a specific time of year. We've all had "spring fever" and some of us get seasonal affective disorder, which causes depression during the shortened days of winter. Infradian rhythms last longer than a twenty-four hour cycle. The menstruation in women is a perfect example. Then there's the Circadian rhythm, which follows a twenty-four hour cycle such as wakefulness and sleep.

Scientists are studying these rhythms. That research will eventually help bodybuilders to enhance their performance. You see, our biological clocks take their cue from the environment and the pulse of our planet as day turns to night and winter becomes spring. This internal clock is also affected by our genetic make-up, age, and gender influencing how our bodies change from morning to night. It affects our blood pressure, body fat, weight, blood flow, as well as other vital functions.

As night turns to day our bodies react. Heart rates quicken and blood pressure increases all in anticipation of increased physical activity. All these functions are regulated by our biological clocks located in the brain, and these biological rhythms are genetically programmed into our cells, tissues, and organs.

In the future, when we have a deeper understanding of these rhythms, we will eventually be able to take advantage of our biorhythms to improve our workouts and retain excellent health.

There are a handful of researchers looking into body rhythms and its affect on bodybuilding. T Reilly studied the influence of circadian rhythms on exercise. He's noted that the effects of these rhythms on body temperature, cortical arousal, endocrine factors, and muscular peak torque are all enhanced in the PM hours. Therefore, his studies show that greater training loads would be better tolerated in the evening than morning.

However, the jury is still out on this one. Are you a morning or night person? Humans have individual differences in the timing of their behaviors that determine their circadian typology. Some people prefer daytime activities--the morning person. Others prefer the nightlife--evening person. At one extreme is the lark and the other end the owl.

Most of us fit someplace in between. The lark/owl differ in sleep-wake patterns and biological rhythms as well as preferences for physical and mental activities. Morning people prefer to rise between 5 AM and 7 AM and retire between 9 PM and 11 PM. Evening people prefer to wake up later than their morning brothers. You'll catch them in the kitchen for breakfast around 9 AM to 11 AM and they don't crash for the night until 11 PM to 3 AM. Naturally, this difference in sleep cycle affects training schedules.

Various hormones produced by our bodies are affected by circadian rhythms. For example, testosterone (T) and cortisol (C) exhibit circadian rhythm with peak concentrations in the morning and reduced concentrations in the evening and while we sleep. Researchers are discovering that bodybuilders can maximize optimal training responses if they can alter the hormonal environment, for hormonal events play a significant role in signaling the cellular remodeling process of skeletal muscle protein.

Here's where things get really technical. Anabolic hormones, hormones, which stimulate muscle growth, such as T and growth hormones, regulate protein synthesis. Catabolic hormones, on the other hand, such as C, regulate protein degradation. The balance between these anabolic/catabolic hormones influences protein turnover. The net result of this complex process is muscle mass.

Circadian time structures on hormonal events can depend greatly on an individual's morning-evening preference. Researchers Stephen P. Bird and Kyle M. Tarpenning at Charles Sturt University, Australia investigated the influence of circadian rhythms on hormonal responses to heavy resistance exercises in bodybuilders. They used two different exercise periods on separate occasions, 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM. They wanted to see how hormones responded to a specific weight lifting session.

Bird and Tarpenning formed two groups of weight lifters based on their morning or evening preferences. The morning group showed a reduction of C levels during their exercise period finishing 47% below their pre-exercise value. In contrast, C levels for the evening group increased by as much as 32%. Since C has a catabolic role in the breaking down of tissue, body builders have an invested interest in its potential as a tissue break down agent. Also, an increase in T indicates tissue growth or anabolism.

Bird and Tarpenning compared the AM resistance-training group to the PM group and reported a significant increase in post exercise T/C ratio. They concluded that this ratio in monitoring overall anabolic/catabolic status may affect the growth of muscle mass.

In the future, when there is a deeper understanding of the effect of hormones on our bodies in relation to our body rhythms we could possibly harness this information to mold ourselves into godlike. One little pill at night and we wake up looking like Mr. Universe without pumping an ounce of iron. But until that day happens, back to the weight room.

About the Author: Dane Fletcher is the world's foremost training authority. He writes exclusively for, a leading online provider of clenbuterol and creatine. For more information, please visit

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Bodybuilding Videos

If you are looking to become bigger, you need to train big. You should train 3-5 times a week and keep your work out sessions as short as possible. Try to not let them run over an hour. Try to only work out on one muscle group per week or every 5 days. Never do two larger muscle groups while working out on the same day. The bigger muscle groups consist of your chest, back, and upper legs. Here is a idea of how to schedule your week:

3 Day Week:

Monday: Chest, triceps, calves

Wednesday: Back, biceps, shoulders

Friday: Thighs

4 Day Week:

Monday: Chest, calves

Tuesday: Back, triceps

Thursday: Thighs

Friday: Shoulders, biceps

5 Day Week:

Monday: Chest

Tuesday: Back

Wednesday: Thighs

Friday: Shoulders

Saturday: Arms

In the previous example schedules, you may have noticed that no 2 large muscle groups were done on the same day. While excersizing, do bulk movements. Like bench press, shoulder press, rows, squats, and deadlifts to start off your workout. Make sure you do your biggest muscle first also. As far as volume and intensity goes, they are very related. The more volume you have, the less intensity there is, and vice versa. If you are training high intensity, you would likely be doing 6-10 reps and 5-8 sets per body part. (More sets may be needed for the bigger muscles while less are needed for the samller ones)
What is the sense of working out without a equally balanced diet to fit your lifestyle?

Nutrition: The majority of younger aged people have very fast metabolism.

Being young most of you probably have fast metabolisms. If you are looking to gain mass, then here is the key word: EAT! Eat, and do a lot of it. At least every 2 hours if you are able to and at least a total of 6 meals a day. Each meal you eat should contain approximately 17% of your daily intake requirements for protein and carbs. So, here?s what you have to do to gain mass: EAT. We?re talking every 2 hours if possible, but at least 6 meals a day. Each meal should contain about 17% of your daily requirements for protein and carbs. If you are really serious about bulking up you should do more research to create your perfect eating schedule to gain the correct amount of mass to bulk.

Some people also use protein shakes (Ie. Whey) while they are working out because it is meant to help you bulk up and many people find that getting a lot of protein is key to bulking up but just eating more may do the trick for some people. Not everyone is meant to bulk up, depending on your body shape you may be better off to cut instead. Just think if that is what you want to look like or not. provides free bodybuilding videos on how to do the right bicep curls etc, and other amusing videos.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Myths Of Bodybuilding That Fooled Most People

We have compiled a list of myths that even fooled most veterans that has been working out for years in the gym!

? If you stop working out, your muscles will turn to fat.

Muscle and fat are two different things and they cannot from one to another because they are completely two different types of tissue. The myth probably started because some former weight lifters continue to eat more even though they have already stop weight lifting. Their muscle could also shrink from long disuse.

? Look for the one with the highest amount of protein serving when choosing a protein supplement.

A protein supplement that has 50 grams of protein per serving may sounds more because it has a bigger measuring scoop or the serving suggestion may require more than one scoop. Look carefully at the serving suggestion label when buying a protein supplement.

? The longer I train in the gym, the more muscle I?ll gain.

When you train in the gym for a long time, your body hits a catabolic state and it would lead to a plateau. A plateau is an inability to progress in training and it would last for months. A training session of 45 minutes to 1 hour would be ideal.

? I should seek training advice from a pro bodybuilder.

Many bodybuilders are big because of genetics and hard work. They may not have the correct scientific explanation as to how they got that way. People with the right genetics would train and diet incorrectly and still grow big. You should seek gym instructors or trained professionals.

? The more you sweat the more fat you lose.

The amount of sweat does not necessarily reflect how hard you are working because some may sweat a lot due to heavy body weight, poor conditioning or heredity. Exercising in hot weather will make you sweat a lot and it looks like you have lost weight immediately but that lost weight is almost consisted of water in your body. The weights will return when you replenish your fluids by drinking after the workout.

? No pain, no gain?

It should never be painful and if it is, you are likely injured from overtraining. When you over train, you would experience physiological and mental stress as well as other health problems.

Sean Nalewanyj is an experienced bodybuilder that has been training for many years and is a writer at

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Bodybuilding Myths Aren?t A Wise Choice

Bodybuilding can be a fun way to lose weight, stay in shape and develop muscles. It also doesn?t cause any pressure on the bodybuilder in terms of time because the recuperation period itself is as important as the process of exercising done in the gym or for some, at home gym.

Though there are tons of different thoughts about training in the gym and staying fit and in shape, among these talks could completely come from a circulation of well, ?mere talks?; no more, no less. This is one part of bodybuilding training you should watch out for because not everything you hear could be accurate. Some may have completely gone out of hand and entirely wrong and you as the bodybuilder, who wants nothing but for everything to go right on the course of your training, hangs on every single word from that veteran bodybuilder in the gym.

You?ve been warned. Never rely on the gym talks you hear from just anybody. Gym myths don?t only waste your precious time daily but it delays the development duration of the muscles as well, causing you one step farther from your goals of getting the desirable form you always wanted.

These myths can run from strenuous training, diet and nutrition to steroids. This generation has been blessed enough with all the comforts of technology so it?s better for you to take advantage of the internet and other resources for your own research.

An extremely incorrect bodybuilding myth tells something about intensive weightlifting doesn?t work out your heart in any way. Strength training alone given with short rest duration already increases the heartbeat to over a hundred beats per minute! A slight miscalculation and misinterpretation of the exercises that you can and cannot do could cause a great difference not only on your muscular system but also throughout your cardiovascular system. Keep in mind that it?s not only the muscles which get developed during bodybuilding training but everything else in your body is works too. Before taking any chances, make sure that it isn?t the last one. Be healthy both in the mind and body.

Shareen Aguilar is a writer for which has Bodybuilding guide and other free fitness Books.

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Bodybuilding For Teens

Bodybuilding can be a very healthy and rewarding activity for teenagers for a number of reasons aside from the obvious physical benefits. However, due to their youth and the natural changes occurring in their bodies, parents often wonder if the training regimen of a teenager needs to vary drastically from that of an adult?

Most of the dangers relating to teenage bodybuilding actually have more to do with the ?teenage? portion of the equation. No one, other than teenagers, would argue with the fact that teenagers can behave impulsively and can be prone to ignoring the precautions and rules they find themselves faced with. Obviously, this doesn?t apply to all teenagers, but it is something that needs to be taken into consideration.

There has been a longstanding belief that heavy weightlifting can actually stunt the growth of bones. The basis of the belief is that heavy weight lifting can speed up growth plate closure, prematurely stopping the bone growth. This has been suggested, but not proven, but weight lifting at an early age certainly hasn?t stunted the growth of the many professional athletes who started young. However, they may be exceptions to the rule and the jury is technically still out with no definitive proof in either camp.

Regardless, the danger is only really associated with heavy duty lifting and only occurs prior to a teenager reaching full developmental maturity. Though it obviously varies from teenager to teenager, the average age of full developmental maturity is 15 and very few teenagers under that age are pumping heavy iron.

A teenager shouldn?t try to simply emulate the workout routines of the adults that he or she may see at the gym. The odds are that any adult worth emulating in the gym has been training for years and has vast amounts of experience and training, which the teenager is lacking.

While trainers are a good idea for everyone, they are especially important for teenagers. Bad habits in weight training can lead to serious injuries and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission states 12% of the annual accidents involving weightlifting equipment involved children between the ages of 5 and 14, and 35% involved people aged 15 ? 24.

A good trainer will help a teenager develop the proper form, which is critical to avoiding injury. A trainer can also help reign in a teen who, in excitement and immature reasoning, may try to use weights that are simply too heavy.

Another danger for teenagers is the disturbing trend towards supplement overuse. Again, this can attributed to a lack of intellectual maturity and experience, but teenagers seem especially prone to sucking into the mythology that supplements are a magic key to building muscles and looking better.

Despite what they may believe about their own thinking capacity, teenagers are especially receptive to advertisements and magazine hype. The fact that a majority of bodybuilding magazines are owned and published by companies who also produce supplements isn?t widely known. Obviously, these companies are going to use the magazines they produce to push the products they produce?so don?t believe everything you read.

Realistically, teenagers are under no greater risk than adults while working out as long as it is done properly and intelligently. The key to ensuring that it?s done this way is adult supervision and guidance.

Gray Rollins writes for Learn about teenage bodybuilding by visiting us. Also, check out our muscle building program review

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