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Features To Look For In The Best Home Gym Equipment

For many years, if you wanted to start a strength training regimen, you only had two real choices. One is to buy free weights and dumbbells and workout at home, or you could get a monthly membership a fitness gym and get access to their weight machines. But today there are more options open to the fitness conscious consumer, and there are plenty of choices in the home gym equipment field to consider. So if you are in the market for a home gym here are some of the things that you should be looking for.

Generally, most home gym equipment falls into two major categories, the first being home gyms that use rods or bars to create resistance, and the second being strength training machines that use a weight stack or plates. The biggest difference in these two will be the price that you pay for them, and the second difference is the amount of space that each one takes up in your home.

The first kind of home gym equipment often can be folded up and takes up very little space in the room. However many experts claim that the workouts with this kind of equipment are not as thorough or complete as the more expensive weight training machines which usually take up a lot more room space. But whichever type of equipment you choose, keep these considerations in mind:

Consider the size of the room where you will be placing the equipment first. If space is a major consideration, then it may best to go with a unit that folds up and out of the way.

The assembly of any home gym equipment can be difficult at best, so if you are not used to assembling this kind of product you may want to pay extra to have someone put it together for you. Just be sure to include the assembly cost in your overall budget.

Make sure that any home gym you buy is made of solid and durable materials. The frame itself needs to be made of heavy steel, and be very strong and sturdy even when supporting the maximum weight. The cables that are used to connect to each weight stack should be especially strong and made of quality material too.

Most people will need a weight stack of around at least 200 lbs. to be able to make the most use of the equipment. If more than one person plans on working out at the same time on your equipment, you might even consider getting a second weight stack in that case.

Finally, never buy any home gym equipment without testing it personally beforehand. Regardless of whether you buy your home gym online or not, you need to go through a complete workout on it to make sure that it will fit you best. If you do, and you follow the guidelines listed above, you should be able to find the best home gym equipment for your needs.

You can find the best home gym equipment and home gym reviews by visiting our Home Fitness website.

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The Best Home Gym Equipment Features for Everyday Use

If you haven't been involved in weight strength training in the past, it's easy to get confused by all the different kind of home gym equipment that is on the market today. It may almost seem like a foreign language at times. But the good news is that just a little bit of information can help you understand that language quickly and easily. So here are some things that you need to know about home gym equipment in order to get what you really need.

First let's divide this discussion into two parts. In the first part we will cover traditional free weight systems. This may be what many people think of when they think of home gyms. Essentially, they are a collection of free weights and the bars that the weights are assembled on. The responsibility of using the weights properly in each exercise falls entirely on the exerciser in this case. And it's easy to injure yourself if you don't use the proper form when doing free weight exercises. For that reason, be sure to get some good guidance and training before you undertake using free weights to make sure you are doing it properly.

But the equipment that you will need is very simple and not complicated. First of all, you will need about 200 lbs. of free weights that have a hole in the center of them. Then you will need a barbell, which is a long metal bar for stacking weight on each end. Next you will need two dumbbells, and these are used for single-handed exercises. The weights have to be held on to both the barbell and the dumbbells with a simple device called a collar, and you will need enough for both ends on each bar. The next piece of equipment is a bench, and this bench should have a standing rack on one end that will support the barbell with a full load of weights.

Really, that is about all the equipment that you need for a very simple home fitness gym consisting of free weights. However, these days more elaborate home gym equipment has been made available that structures all of your exercises and help you keep the proper form as you go. This usually makes for a more safe overall exercise experience.

The most common components of a typical home gym machine includes a bench, and a press, which often are performed lying down, but sometimes are done standing up on some machines. A lat pulldown is often included too, that lets you pull weights down from above to strengthen the lat muscles in your back. Other popular equipment include a leg extension and leg curl at the end of the bench, and a low pulley for single arm curls. There are also the gyms that include leg presses and squats, but you often have to pay more for those features.

You can actually do just as many exercisers with free weights as you can with one of the expensive home fitness gyms, but you have to know what you are doing in order to do it right. Many folks these days are deciding that they prefer to use the structure that a home gym machine gives them for their individual workouts. Whatever type of the equipment you choose, be sure to use them in advance to be sure that they will meet your needs properly before you buy.

You can find the best home gym equipment and home gym reviews by visiting our Home Fitness website.

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How to Find the Best Home Gym Equipment

Using home gym equipment for strength training has become a very popular component of many people's home fitness workouts. The benefits of strength training are many and well-documented, and they can be very useful for overall body conditioning. But there are so many choices to be made when looking at home gym equipment, so which will make the best choice for you? Here are a few points to consider:

Actually, the very least expensive strength training equipment is a good set of free weights and dumbbells, but they can also be unsafe if you don't know how to use them. Proper form and balance are essential to getting the results you want without hurting yourself along the way. So if you decide to go this route, it's a good idea to invest in a training program that will show you how to use your equipment properly and avoid injury.

Because of the safety factor, strength training machines have become much more popular, even penetrating the home fitness market. One of the advantages of strength training machines, or home gyms, is that they allow you to perform your exercises in a more safe manner, keeping your body positioned to maintain proper form as you exercise.

Home gyms are generally divided into two major categories, and again these categories often pertain to price. The lower cost home gyms are often featured on television and in magazines, being recommended by well-known celebrities and public personalities. You can even find them being advertised on infomercials as well. The two most common home gyms in this field are the Bowlex and the Crossbar.

Both of these kind of strength training machines use rods or bars to provide resistance for your muscles as you train, and many people feel that they do their job very well. The big advantage of using this kind of equipment is the lower cost involved.

The higher end of the home gym equipment field are machines that use a more traditional weight stack or plates. They more resemble the kind of machines that you would find in a typical fitness gym. But they are also much more expensive, and they can tend to take up a lot of room. So before buying this kind of equipment you need to make sure that you have the room to be able to accommodate it in advance.

Any of the equipment mentioned above can be used successfully by the average person at home to help them reach their fitness goals. But as with all fitness equipment, you need to try them out before you buy and make sure that you feel comfortable with the way the equipment works. And never began a strength training regimen without doing so under the supervision of a qualified physician to prevent injuries as you train.

You can find the best home gym equipment and home gym reviews by visiting our Home Fitness website.

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Create your Home Gym with Minimum of Equipment

Training at home could prove as a good solution for the ones interested. The effectiveness of this type of training could compare to the one of working out in the gym, as long as some factors are considered.

The first, and at the same time the most important of these, is owning the necessary equipment. If, besides this, you also have a partner who trains with you, the exercises can be as effective as the ones performed in the gym. Of course, we are talking now about the ideal situation of affording a gym in your own house.

Even with these conditions fulfilled, some practitioners, especially the more extrovert ones, might lack the stimulating atmosphere, the sharing of experience, the communication that they can find in the gym.

In most of the cases, what you can do at home is improvise a room or just a corner of a room, for fitness. Besides, most of the times you have to train by yourself. As these are the most frequent situations, we'll deal with them now. Anyway, it is preferable to have constant training at home, rather than interrupt it a lot because the gym is too busy, too far, too expensive, etc.

The minimum of equipment necessary for training at home includes: an adjustable bench, a set of two dumbbells, with increasing weights, a barbell, with free weights and a fix bar for pull ups. This equipment will enable both executing basic exercises (squats, bench presses, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.) and diversity of exercises, necessary for avoiding routine.

The main disadvantage of not having a partner to train with is reflected in the amount of loading in some exercises, which cannot reach its maximum. There are many exercises which can be loaded to maximum without any risk, even if there is no partner to assist you (pull-ups, dips, shoulder presses, barbell curs, dumbbell curls, etc.).

An advantage which comes from training at home is that you can choose the training time without any restraint. Moreover, the speed of exercising can be increased a lot if the practitioner chooses to execute supersets, tri sets or giant sets. You can also save time, as you are not distracted by casual conversation, by waiting for the machines to be available, by having to change the weights for every personal series of exercises, etc.

In the extreme case when we can only afford as equipment a mattress, chairs and a towel, we can focus on exercises using the weight of the body (push-ups, reverse push-ups, between chairs push-ups, squats, sit-ups, crunches, hyperextensions, lunges, plyometrics, plunks, etc.).

All the exercises involving the body weight are considered as really demanding, because they mobilize more stabilizing muscles that ensure coordination and balance. The body-weight exercises are often introduced in the programs at the gym due to their proven effectiveness. They are also used in training and testing people in special troops, as these need a lot of force and discipline in their training.

Isabel Curini, fitness trainer and editor at is dedicated to providing high-quality, free advices, tips and resources on exercise, fitness, body building, supplements, nutrition, weight loss.This article may be reprinted as long as the "About" and "weblinks" are kept intact and active.

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The Bowflex Home Gym System

The Bowflex has been first made popular through the media of the Infomercial, which is a 30 minute television presentation. It is now being broadcast all over the Internet in a variety of ways, including in consumer forums and consumer reviews.

If anyone wants to learn about the Bowflex machine all then have to do is search with the word ?Bowflex? in a favorite Internet Web browser. A well of useful information is available to those who want to tap into the information about the latest developments about the Bowflex home gym machine.

Some websites representing the Bowflex home gym have links to review articles as well as a photo describing the attributes that make the Bowflex machine so popular. Also there are articles on this site representing the amazing capability of the Bowflex machine to withstand all kinds of pressure.

One article posted on Bowflex tells how that person?s household Bowflex machine survived a hurricane. The story regarding the capability of the Bowflex to withstand a hurricane was told by Sean Cuda of Orlando Florida. The hurricane that occurred in Orlando Florida where Sean lives happened at approximately 9 p.m. This hurricane had blown down a 110 pine tree on top of this family?s house and garage but the Bowflex machine remained unharmed.

The Bowflex machine was said to have saved the rest of the garage as well as the kitchen and the home office attached to the garage. The way that the Bowflex machine was stores actually kept the roof and walls from collapsing.

Those who are interested in purchasing a Bowflex home gym and want to learn more about the quality of the Bowflex machine can refer to this story. Quotes from the owner of this machine are available for use as well. This information is noted at the Bowflex website.

This is such an amazing story and is one that can help build anyone?s confidence in the Bowflex home gym system. Other user reviews of the Bowflex system are available on the Bowflex Equipment website as well.

Furthermore, you can find out specifically of what quality the Bowflex materials are made of. Likewise, you can find out online what the capabilities of the Bowflex machine really are, such as how easily adjustable the Bowflex is for any personal workout.

The type of information you will find associated with the Bowflex machine are articles on different exercise programs as well. All these articles will help you understand how to use your Bowflex machine safely for best results within a short period of time.

Those who are dedicated can make great use of the Bowflex machine. If you have any question about the machine?s capabilities all you have to do is research the machine online and find out for yourself. There are many links, forums, articles, available for those who want to learn more about the effectiveness, durability and capability of this machine.

More information on Bowflex home gyms.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Choosing a Home gym-Fitness equipment

Limited time due to a busy schedule of balancing work and family can prevent anyone from regular exercise at the gym. A home gym, however, could just be the solution to incorporate fitness into your daily routine. With the variety of fitness equipment available, how do you select which is right for you? Consider the following during your planning and purchase.

Fitness goals. Determine your fitness goals. Deciding your fitness goals before you start your equipment selection will help you make a wiser purchase. Do you want to perform strength training to reshape your muscles? Boost your energy or loss weight through cardiovascular exercise? If you want to strength train, decide the muscle groups you want to target. Here is a list of the major muscle groups for you to keep in mind when considering what equipment is right for you:

Pectoralis major and minor (chest)

Deltoids and trapezius (shoulders)

Latissimus dorsi, teres major and minor, rhomboid (upper back)

Biceps, brachialis (front of arms)

Triceps (back of arms)

Gluteus maximus (buttocks)

Quadriceps (front of thighs)

Hamstrings (back of thighs)

Gastrocnemius, soleus (calves)

Rectus abdominis, obliques (abdomen)

Erector spinae, quadratus lumborum (lower back)

Sternocleidomastoids, scalene, splenii (neck)

Space. Before you decide to make a purchase, designate a place specifically for your home gym. Ensure you have adequate space to accommodate everything in the home gym. You should measure the dimensions of your room, (the length, width and height) to have available when purchasing the equipment.

Equipment. After you have determined your fitness goals, shop for equipment, which will help you to meet them. Examples of equipment for aerobic exercises are treadmills, stationary bicycles, and stair-steppers. You could even invest in a television to workout with aerobic tapes or view your favorite show while jogging on your treadmill.

Strength training equipment can include free weights such as "dumbbells" or "barbells", or a multi-station machine (also known as a home gym). If you plan to lift heavy free weights you may need a lifting partner. Your partner will help you check your form and monitor safety. For more equipment ideas, you could take a tour of a fitness center.

Cost: Ask yourself, how much money do you want to spend. Most fitness equipment can range from $500-$1000 and more if you want a total body work out. Typically, quality equipment is priced in the upper range.

A Test Ride. Always test the equipment before you buy it. Test the machines for comfort and satisfaction.

Talk to the Experts. Purchase your equipment from a fitness specialty store. These stores specialize in fitness equipment and provide a broad selection for you to choose from. Specialty fitness stores would also employ certified associates to address your questions regarding exercise equipment.

Increase your Knowledge. Be certain you increase your knowledge of weight training safety and proper technique to reduce injury. Read directions for your fitness equipment and follow them.

Remember! Choosing equipment and exercises, which are fun for you, will help you to keep at it and enjoy it. Stop by: for some great prices on home gyms-fitness equipment.

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Finding The Right Home Gym

It's no surprise that using a home gym is a terrific way to get into shape. You can conveniently exercise in a spare room or basement anytime of the day, and you are guaranteed to not have to wait for the equipment to be available. This is one of the biggest problems with using a public gym. During peak exercising hours you will find alot of competition for the stations. You can solve this by working out on a home gym.

So now that you've decided on setting up a gym in your home, which one is right for you? There are many different units available from many top companies such as Weider, Bowflex, and Nautilus. And each one of these manufacturers offers several different configurations of exercise equipment at varying prices. One way to avoid getting overwhelmed by information is to first determine what exactly you need from the equipment. This may sound trivial but it is a necessary first step.

Do you want to gain size and strength from working out on your home gym? Then you will want one that has many different stations targetting various muscles. You will also want one of the home gyms that has alot of weight so that you don't outgrow it quickly. Obviously these models will be more expensive, but they are worth it if you want to get bigger and stronger.

If you are looking for something that will help you lose weight and tone your body you may not need one of the top of the line products. You can browse the exercise units that have lower weights and less 'bells and whistles'. These are great for beginners or people who want to start working out but are not into bodybuilding. Spending alot of money is probably not necessary if you are in this category. Look at other cardiovascular exercise equipment like a treadmill or stairmaster as well. You can burn alot of calories on them and they are generally less expensive than home gyms.

Take a look around the internet to comparison shop once you decide on the type of home gym you need. You will be surprised at the difference in pricing, and many companies will ship the units for free. Try to find a reputable manufacturer, preferably one that has alot of positive feedback for their customer service. If you have problems later on you need to be sure they will stand behind their workout equipment.

It is important for you to just start exercising, especially if you have been neglecting your body for a long time. If this is the case check with your doctor to make sure you are fit enough to start an exercise routine. Go slowly at first, gradually increasing the intensity. Before you know it you will be losing weight and feeling more energized.

James McDonald writes for, a fitness equipment and informational website geared towards those people who enjoy working out in their own homes. You can find product information and recommendations, as well as helpful articles.

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Want a Home Gym? Good Idea!

Looking to get into shape or live a healthier lifestyle? Home gyms can accomplish these tasks while being very convenient and practical. Many people want to work out, but don't like to work out in public, or don't have the time to drive back and forth to the gym. For these people home gyms are the perfect solution.

With today's exercise equipment you can get a great workout in the privacy of your own home with no long lines, no matter what time it is day or night. No matter what you want to accomplish, whether muscle building or to slim down, home gyms can't be beat.

Many people love treadmills, stair masters and ab exercises to lose weight and increase muscle tone. For men and women that want to bulk up, there are plenty of weight benches and universal systems that can have you bulked up in just a few months.

Home gyms are reasonably priced. You can find a great treadmill or stair master with great features and accessories for less than $300. If you want to work out with dumbbells or weights, then finding a set is extremely easy and the price tag is usually less than $100. So if you are sick of working out in public, waiting on long lines or commuting to the gym, work out at home.

More informations are available at and

Joel Dresse is the Webmaster of and, two informative sites on medicine, weight loss, health, aerobics and cardiovascular exercising.

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Should You Set Up Your Own Home Gym?

Gyms are increasingly popular and as a result public facilities are usually stretched to the limit and as a result offer poor service leaving most users frustrated. Then there are those people who are just not comfortable working out in a public setting. The result is that they usually get very uncomfortable in the gym and are not able to work out enough. Still there are those who prefer to go into the high initial cost of purchasing exercise equipment knowing fully well that in the long term it will end up being a lot cheaper than the increasingly high gym memberships being charged.

These are just three of the most compelling reasons why somebody would want to set up their own home gym. The truth is that home gym can be a good investment for anyone wanting to set up one in their basement or workout room.

A good place to start when looking for equipment for your home gym is with used exercise equipment. These can be picked up at a very good price, more so because their demand is still limited. Your local newspaper classified ads and Ebay are some good places where you can start your search.

It is important to pick up as much knowledge as you can on the different types of home gym equipment. This is the only way you will be able to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of buying the different types of exercise machines and equipment. This will help ensure that whatever equipment you end up spending money on will not be underutilized or even prove to be useless or a duplication because of some other equipment that you had earlier purchased.

Apart from home gym equipment, you should also seriously consider buying commercial fitness equipment, which will be much closer to the stuff that you are already used to at your local gym or fitness center.

These are the key aspects to take into consideration when looking into the possibilities of setting up your very own home gym.

Andrew McNaught runs the website: which aims to help people decide whether to install a home gym and if so, what equipment to go for.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Home Gym Equipment

When you are setting up a gym in your home, you will need about ten basic pieces of equipment to make it successful. If you are setting one up for a male, you will probably want to make sure some of the weights are heavier to meet their needs. First, you will want a 50llb dumbbell set. A good dumbbell set which includes a set of 5llb, 8llb and 12llbs dumbbells. Dumbbells are essential in toning any body because they create lean, defined muscles which give you a sleek look as well as help burn more calories. You also are going to need a barbell set. Barbell sets are good to go along with dumbbell sets because they target different areas of the muscle, giving you an all around better workout. To help you with your weight lifting, you can purchase a pair of weight lifting gloves, which will allow you to have a better grip on the bar, as well as protect your hands from calluses.

Now that you've got all your weight's set up, you are going to need something to work out on. If you're budget allows, you can purchase a weight bench, which allows you to do exercises of all kinds. However, if you can't afford to buy a weight bench, you can buy an aerobics step, which allows you to do many of the same exercises. You can also use an exercise ball to do your exercises on, which is very popular because they help increase balance, and core strength. After you are done your work out, you need to stretch, so a mat would be useful so you avoid rug burn, as well as bruising you're spine. These are the basic necessities for any home gym, but if you find you're self wondering what exercises to do after you've got you're gym set up, you might want to purchase a workout book as well.

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Stop kidding No home gyms allowed

Not long ago my wife went shopping for home gyms. No not for her but of all people for me. I was devastated. The idea, me exercise? I sit and work at the computer all day and that's plenty of exercising for me. I told her we didn't have room and the (2) extra bedrooms were for visitors besides.

Nevertheless off she went and darned if a couple weeks later she drug one home. A home gym of all things!

My wife was telling me that the convenience of privacy at home, no driving and time efficiencies is what I really would enjoy. Humbug! She also discussed her goals for me and frankly I was impressed. Lose 20 lbs or else! Else what? Rabbit salads and vinegar for life.

She also told me that in making her decision she considered our budget, room available, weight based or rubber band machines and relative versatility. I told how appreciative I was of here thoughtfulness.

She assured me I wouldn't need the motivation that a real gym provides, nor would we miss the room lost, and that putting the thing together would be a blast.

Also, just because I wasn't surrounded by other hard exercising chargers my tendency to be lazy and slack off wouldn't be a factor.

Thus far, the only thing that's lost weight is my wallet but I'm assured perseverance would prevail.

Before starting that home exercising program I suggest seeing your doctor to check on your health condition and your brain because when you're grand kids see you trying to do your thing they'll think you lost your mind.

Having home gyms is probably a pretty good idea and I for one am all for it. My grandson looks so fit now he can't keep the girls away from him. Boy, am I glad I have a grandson.

More good gym stuff

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Home Gym Workout Routines

Home gym workout routines can take the hassle out of staying healthy. How often have you claimed your busy schedule as the reason you could not get to the gym? How many times have you skipped a workout you knew would make you feel better because the fatigue of traffic and the pace of a gym with trainers were too much for your work weary mind?

Well, say good bye to the excuses standing in your way because home gym workout routines are the answer for your busy schedule. The key to a successful home gym workout routine is scheduling yourself time.

Even though you are working out at home, you still need to hold yourself accountable to your own body. Setting aside a little time will make your workouts less stressful because you will already have that time framed for the activity.

Home gym workout routines can be tailored to meet your specific needs and available equipment. Try a treadmill workout routine to get yourself started and you can do that today. With a treadmill walking program you can work legs and even tone abs and arms.

You should always consult your physician before beginning any workout regimen, because they can help you tailor your routine to your health needs and abilities. Begin with moderate walking twenty minutes a day and this can go a long way to decrease your stress load, increase your energy level and tone your muscles.

The great thing about a treadmill workout routine is you can do it year round in any weather condition. A treadmill walking program can be done as you read the newspaper or make evening calls or it can be a time of complete peace and isolation. Adding small hand weights can afford upper body toning even as you walk.

Your body deserves your attention, and your schedule need not stand in the way. Try a home gym workout routine today to shake away the cob webs from your body and you'll start seeing amazing results.

This article is supplied by where you will find valuable information, ratings, reviews, articles and buying tips before you make the investment in quality fitness equipment. For more fitness related articles go to:

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5 Sure-Fire Tips To Save You $1000's On Your Home Gym

It always amazes me when people say "Home Gyms are expensive! I just don't have $1000's of dollars lying about" These people obviously haven't looked very hard because nowadays home gym equipment doesn't have to cost 2, 3 or even $4000 dollars.

Below are 5 great alternatives that won't cost you the earth but can do just a good a job as many of the commercial fitness equipment found in local gyms.

1. Dumbbells

For resistance weight training you can't go past dumbbells for their practicality and versatility. You can perform any number of exercises with dumbbells that even the more expensive weight machines can't do. These days you can get adjustable dumbbells which allow you to use add or remove weight from a single dumbbell with a simple pin, just like with traditional pin loaded weight machines.

This feature means you don't have to buy different weight dumbbells for different exercises and you save on floor space which can be used for cardio equipment like ellipticals or treadmills.

You can easily get a good quality quick change dumbbell set for less than $500. At that price you'd be silly to spend money on larger, muscle specific equipment even if you did have extra cash floating around.

2. Remanufactured

A lot of people these days are buying remanufactured exercise equipment, and for good reason. Remanufacturing involves taking a used machine and completely restoring it with new parts to make it look, feel and function like a new machine. Often the only part of the equipment that is not brand new is the frame.

By buying remanufactured or refurbished fitness equipment you can realistically save 50% off the normal, new retail price.

3. Used

Buying used or second-hand equipment can be a cost effective way of setting up your home gym. The only problem is you don't know how the previous owner treated the machine and if it has any problems. The last thing you want is for the machine to breakdown 6 weeks after buying it and finding out that it's not covered by warranty.

Sometimes the actual machine may seem like a bargain but future unforeseen expenses may make you regret your purchase. If at all possible get to test drive the machine and ask about the warranty.

4. Buy direct from the factory

Some online stores offer factory direct fitness equipment. By doing this you cut out the middle man and save big time. Remember just because it is cheap doesn't mean its poor quality. With so much competition online these days online suppliers are cutting costs to get market share. That means more money in your pocket!!

5. Added bonuses from reputable online suppliers

Some online suppliers will include free shipping with their products. This can greatly reduce the cost of piece of equipment if you add delivery to it.

Also make sure you check out the machines warranty. You can save yourself a lot of heart ache down the road if you make sure you're covered by a decent warranty which included motor, parts and labor.

Look for at least 6 months for parts and labor and 1 year for the motor for remanufactured equipment and 1-2 years parts, labor and motor for new equipment.

Now that you are armed with this information go and have a look around yourself you'll be surprised at what you find!

Dean Iggo is a keen fitness enthusiast and home gym user. He is also the webmaster of http://www.home-gym-buyers-guide.coma website providing unbiased home exercise equipment tips and reviews.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How to Avoid Using Your Home Gym as a Clothes Rack

So heres the situation

You have a home gym, treadmill, elliptical trainer, or some other piece of home fitness equipment. But its sitting in the corner of the room being used as a clothes rack. You havent gotten any use out of it for months, and you might be thinking of selling it off.

Theres a reason why you initially bought this piece of equipment, and I can bet that it wasnt meant to hang your clothes on (there are much cheaper alternatives than that).

It was probably along the lines of toning up or losing weight or getting fit and so on and so forth.

You know its probably a good idea to start exercising again, but you might be thinking:

1. Im too busy with (insert your reasons here), and I just dont have the time right now.

2. Ill do it later.

3. Im not too sure what exercises to do.

4. I just dont have any motivation right now. Maybe in the future when I get fired up Ill start again.

5. Im feeling pretty tired these days with everything going on. Ill get to it once I have some energy.

But what were the reasons that made you buy this machine? How long did you actually use this machine? Why did you stop? And why arent you using it now?

What youll do is examine your reasons why, and give you an actionable guide to get you off your couch, take the clothes off your home gym and start using it the way it was meant to be used (and start achieving your goals!)

Here is a Solution

You need to set some goals, and you need to set a plan to get to those goals. Thats right, just like what all the self help guru preaches, this is what you need to do. The reason why you need to set goals is that then youll have something to work towards.

And Im not talking about some up-in-the-air, vague goals like, I want to look toned, or I want to lose weight.

Im talking about detailed, specific goals. Something along the lines of, I will lose 10 pounds of fat in 60 days.

Also, along with setting goals, you need to write down your reasons why you want to achieve this goal. Losing 10 pounds of fat in 60 days is fine and dandy, but youll be way more motivated to exercise if youre constantly reminded that your wedding is in 60 days!

Heres an acronym that will help you set and attain your fitness goals:

S.M.A.R.T-R (pronounced smarter)

SMART-R stands for:



A-Action oriented



R-Reasons why

Lets go into details of each point:


The more specific and measurable your goal, the more quickly you will be able to identify, locate, create, and implement the use of the necessary resources for its achievement. -Charles J. Givens

"I want to lose weight" is different from "I want to lose 10lbs of fat and gain muscle mass by doing 3-5 cardio workouts and 3-5 resistance training workouts per week at the gym over the course of the next 3 months."

Your fitness goals should be detailed, clearly defined, and stress exactly what youre going to do and you want to achieve.

For example, instead of setting a goal to lose weight, set a specific goal to lose 3 inches off your waist, lost 5% body fat, or lose 3 pounds of fat.


"Make measurable progress in reasonable time." -Jim Rohn

If youre not keeping score, you dont know whether youre winning or losing! And keeping score is all done with numbers. Do you want to lose 3 inches off your waist? Do you want to drop down from 20% to 12% body fat? Do you want to lose 10 pounds?

Whatever goal you choose, make sure that you can measure it. You need to do this so you can see and measure the progress over time. For example, losing 1 pound per week would be a goal that is measurable over time.

Also, the things that you cant measure (happiness, etc.) will come along with achieving your goals.


You'll always achieve more through movement than meditation -Gary Halbert

Virtually no goals can be attained unless theres some action taken. If you plan to lose 10 pounds of body fat, you have to figure out the action that you need to take the attain this goal. What resistance training exercises are you going to do? What cardiovascular exercises are you going to do? How often should you do them? In this step its helpful to recruit the assistance of a fitness professional who can provide you with their expertise and advice to help you reach your goal.


"Every noble work is bound to face problems and obstacles. It is important to check your goal and motivation thoroughly. One should be very truthful, honest, and reasonable. One's actions should be good for others, and for oneself as well. Once a positive goal is chosen, you should decide to pursue it all the way to the end. Even if it is not realized, at least there will be no regret." -Dalai Lama

Now that you might have started to think of some goals, you have to remember to keep them reasonable. Losing 30 pounds in one month is not reasonable! In fact, this could be potentially dangerous to your health and be detrimental in the long term. In this case, you would probably be losing water weight and muscle mass, and in the long run, you would gain all that weight back, and have less muscle mass (its your muscles that burn fatthe more of it you have, the more fat you can burn. But the less you have, youll be burning less body fat).

Keep your goals reasonable or you might find that youll be putting your health at risk, or at the very least, youll be disappointed.


"A goal is a dream with a deadline." -Napoleon Hill

Set a deadline. Deadlines move us to action.

Theres nothing worst than having a goal, working towards it, but never finishing it! Its almost like a major school project thats assigned to you. Imagine if this project didnt have a deadline, and youre asked to complete it whenever you want.

Do you think youll complete it soon?

Probably not! If theres no deadline, theres no pressure to finish a task.

Its the same with exercise and fitness. If you set a goal to lose 10 pounds of body fat, but you dont set a deadline, youll probably be trying to lose 10 pounds of body fat forever!

Set a deadline for your fitness goal, and try to achieve it. Once the deadline passes and youve reached your goals, set a new one and a new deadline, and strive to achieve that!

Reasons Why

"Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to; all they need is one reason why they can" -Willis Whitney

This is probably the most important step in the goal setting process. Not only is your reason why the motivation for you to achieve any goals, but its probably the reason that caused you to buy a home gym or home exercise equipment in the first place!

You must define your reasons for wanting to achieve a goal. If you lack clear reasons why for doing so, all the goal setting and planning might just go to waste (if you dont have a reason to do something, why would you do it?)

Spend some time and give some serious thought to this step. The more compelling your reasons are for exercising, the greater your odds will be for meeting your goals.

Every person has a different reason for exercising. Some people just want to lose a few inches off their waist because of an upcoming event (such as a wedding, a high school reunion, a day at the beach to impress members of the opposite sex), but for others, exercising could mean the difference between life and death.

Whatever your reasons why may be, make sure that theyre compelling, and accurately represent your reasons for your desire to achieve your goals.

Some Tips To Keep On Top of Your Fitness Goals

Grab a pen, a few pieces of paper, and prepare to do some writing.

Use this formula to form your goals:

I, _________ (name) WILL __________________________ (specific, reasonable, and measurable goal) by doing _______________________ (action oriented) by ______________ (timed-date).

I will achieve this goal because ___________________________ (insert your reason why)

Signature: _________________ (your name) Todays date: _____________

Write this down and make photocopies if you want to. Now, post your goals everywhere (bathroom mirrors, in your home gym, in front of your toiletanywhere that is highly visible), and read it everyday. The more often you come across seeing your goals in writing, the more likely its going to be in your daily thoughts, and the more likely youre achieve your fitness goals.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So, if youve been leaving your home gym equipment to collect dust or to hang your clothes on, start with the single step of writing down your goals by following the methods above. Trust me, you wont regret it.

John Phung is a Certified Personal Training and successful writer for valuable tips and advice about free weight exercise equipment, home gym equipment, cardiovascular training equipment and more.

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What to Look for When Buying a Home Gym

When buying a home gym there are several things you will want to educate yourself on before making a final purchase in order to ensure you buy the best home gym for you and your family. While there are many things you will need to consider, your budget, goals, space, and personal needs are some of the most important topics to keep in mind. Evaluate all of these points before you start shopping for home gyms.


First and foremost you need to establish a budget for any strength training equipment you plan to buy. The reason for this is you only want to shop within your budget so as not to cause a financial burden. Once you have evaluated your budget for a home gym you will know what is available to you.


Before buying a home gym you should also evaluate your goals. Ask yourself why you need a home gym and what will it help you accomplish. Also, ask yourself if there is other fitness equipment that would help you meet your fitness goals. When you know what you are hoping to achieve by purchasing commercial fitness equipment for your home then you will have a better view of what you should buy.


This tip is really important as well because you cannot buy a home gym you do not have space for. If you do this you will certainly never experience any of the benefits because you will not be able to use it. Before shopping for home gyms, or even reading reviews, find an area in your home where you would like to put the exercise equipment and measure the amount of space you have exactly. Take into account as well you will need to maneuver around the machine as well.


Evaluate your needs when it comes to getting into shape and working out. What parts of your body need the most work and what type of machine will best help you achieve your fitness goals? There are many types of home gyms on the market with a variety of different accessories and options, so you should know what you need and want before shopping and getting talked into a machine that does not meet your needs at all.

Finding Machines that Meet Your Criterion

Now that you are aware of how much you can spend, how much space you have, your personal goals and needs in a home gym then you can start reading reviews about the home gyms and exercise equipment that will meet your criteria.

The best suggestion is to go online and do some product reviews and find out what ratings each machine has that meets your basic standards of price, space, design, and needs. These reviews will really prove helpful because they will shed light on different aspects of the machine that really work and those that do not. Previous owners of the machines also frequently have their e-mail addresses posted so you could respond or either ask a question about a particular machine if you wanted. When you have this information then you will be prepared to start shopping for a home gym knowing that whatever you buy it will be perfectly suited to your needs, fit in your space available as well as your budget.

Shopping for your home gym might begin online or else you might prefer to visit a sporting goods store. Regardless of where you buy, you should always be armed with your information and never let a good sale or salesperson sway you.

The reason for this is if there is a great sale on a machine you might be tempted to buy it, even if it does not meet any of your needs, space, goals, other than budget. Be very careful about this. Also, salespeople will frequently try to talk you into something you do not need or want. Avoid this at all costs and stay focused on the machines you want to look at.

In fact, shopping online might be your best option because there are frequently better prices and no salespeople to worry about and you will probably end up making a better decision and wont have to worry about loading a heavy machine into your car because it will arrive at your door.

Choosing the Right Machine

Now that you have started the shopping process you will want to locate the top three machines that meet your entire criterion, have the best reviews and ratings, and overall impress you the most. Once you have the top three machines in mind then you can start evaluating them one by one by making a plus and minus list for each machine. Make sure you duly note all things about the machine you really like and are impressed with as well as all of the negatives. After you have completed all of your lists you will then be able to easily compare the three lists and buy the home fitness machine that you have been dreaming of.


Once you have purchased your new home gym you might also consider buying some accessories to facilitate your work out and help you get the most out of your fitness routine. Such accessories include stability balls and free weights, among others.

These accessories will not take up much additional room, if any, and can really help you vary your workout and get the most out of your effort. Plus, these accessories dont cost very much so you wont be going over you budget by adding them to your checkout.

Buying a home gym does not have to be a difficult or even scary process as long as you do the research and consider all the variables and information available. When you do this you will be sure to not only buy the best machine for you for the best price, but you will also save a lot of time and possible dissatisfaction caused by purchasing the wrong machine. Avoid all of this by simply following the tips outlined above and you will be working out in the comfort of your own home before you know it.

Laura Rupert is a successful writer for, your online resource for home gyms, commercial exercise equipment and home treadmills.

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Home Gyms, Worth the Money or Not?

Home fitness is a huge industry, and most people these days have purchased at least some sort of exercise equipment or fitness video for home use. A lot of it ends up in a closet, in the garage, under the bed, etc. and is never seen again. Reasons vary. Some people just don't have the discipline to work out regularly from home while others realize the miracle-wonder-ab-slimmer (or whatever) isn't quite the high quality piece of equipment the midnight infomercial promised it would be.

What about home gyms? Like most of the junk sold by infomercial, they can be low quality, but if you're serious about working out from home and getting a quality piece of equipment, you can definitely find home fitness gear that is worth the money and will stand up over the years.

My personal favorite is the Bowflex. Yes, they're sold via infomercial and yes, they are expensive (especially the "ultimate" models), but I've had one for two years and not a single thing has broken on it. Yes, I even use it regularly.

There are other options as well. While I'm not a big fan of the Wieder Crossbow, I know others who swear by it. There are a lot of good home gyms out there that people are less familiar with (no infomercials). Powertec puts out a number of machines suitable for home use. The Powertec Leverage is a complete gym in itself.

For people who are more interested in free weights (but lack the space for an entire rack of varying weight dumbbells), the PowerBlock system is an option. It doesn't take up much room, but is basically a whole system of dumbbells in one. The newer Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells operate under the same principle.

But are these systems worth the money? I've used all of the ones I've mentioned, and I believe the answer is yes IF YOU USE THEM. The fanciest home gym that money can buy may be worth the fortune it costs, if you use it several times a week. But on the other hand, even a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment isn't worth the money if it's only used three times then stuffed into the cubby hole beneath the stairs. If you just don't know whether you'll stick to a home exercise program or not, but you're determined to buy a home gym, I recommend the Bowflex, if only because they resell very well on eBay.

In general, expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars for a home gym, and you can easily spend in the thousands. Be wary of home gyms that cost less than five hundred dollars. Not only are your chances of getting a quality piece of equipment pretty minimal, but you probably won't see the kind of results you're hoping for because you won't be dealing with real weight or something similar (i.e. the proven resistance technology the Bowflex and Crossbow use).

Whatever home gym you decide on, good luck with your goals!

TC Thorn is a freelance writer and web content publisher. This article first appeared at and may be reprinted so long as this resource box is included.

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