Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reviewing Weider Home Gyms

Weider Home Gym

For most of us non-professional body builders the Weider Home Gyms can be a great addition to our exercising needs. Driving times, busy and active schedules makes this product a must have tool in the convenience of your own home. These gyms are not cheap but still priced much more aggressively than many of its counterparts. It may not be the best (not sure what that would require) but for most of us it provides all the features we need. Never has a exercise routine and regime been easier to maintain using the weider home gym.

With the busy schedules, meetings, places to go and etc it seems that the home euipment is going to be a larger and larger part our of lives. Jump out of bed and boom you're ready to exercise and with convenience as well. We can even turn on some audio for companshiop and motivation.


1.) High Pulley--Allows for fine tuning of your lats and back.

2.) Seat Material: 4-Position, Adjustable, Ergonomic--Perform a variety of different exercises with this adjustable bench, complete with an ergonomic, comfort-padded design.

3.) Adjustable Back--Allows you to adjust the back for increased support.

4.) Number of Stations: 3 Stations

5.) Length: 80 Inches

Product Description:

As Seen On TV. The Weider? Cross Bar Gym showcases a revolutionary CRS resistance system that delivers a full range of motion, for maximum strength training results. The Compound Resistance System provides a full 240 lbs of resistance (upgrades to 440 lbs) to accommodate any user. Enjoy the perfect weight distribution for any workout with the included bars, and add aerobic exercise to your workout with the built-in rowing seat.

Most equipment can be found on the internet and can be purchased as new or used. You needn't fear your choice as most all the fine folks that sell these products do a nice job in preparing these products for your satisfaction. So enjoy your purchase and have fun along the way with your weider home gyms.

Home Fitness and Nutrition an awesome team

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Having a Cheap Home Gym Doesn't Mean You Have to Cheat Your Muscles From a Great Workout Routine

Have you noticed that going to the local gym is usually frustrating? Sitting, walking around and waiting for an available exercise machine or to use a free dumbbell. That?s because you?re supposed to be doing a workout routine, instead of just sitting around and watching someone else getting into shape.

Having a home gym is a perfect way to make sure that you get to do what you really want and when you want to do it. However, a good question is how much do you want to spend on your home gym to gain the freedom of convenience?

The fact is, building a comprehensive home gym can be a costly process. If you?re a true fitness enthusiast, a gym?s yearly contract might be a cheaper choice versus putting up a decent home gym. However, if you?re a real gym workout person, then you?re fairly lucky because there are a few inexpensive gym accessories that will make your own home gym workout a very good experience.

An ideal home gym consists of various smaller weights that you can use in your routine exercise to help develop more strength. And a home gym would not be complete without a cardiovascular meter to check on your heart rate during your routines. You?ll be able to handle the price of these since they won?t cost you thousands of dollars, rather much, much less.

To get some cheap home gym equipment you should first look for on-sale fitness gyms and today it is easy to find them. As the home fitness market continues to be more competitive, quite a lot of retailers offer innovative items at considerably low sale prices usually taking hundreds of dollars off the actual retail costs.

An extra bonus to shopping online is the free shipping deals that are offered by many websites today to help them stay competitive with various offline retail stores thereby sparing you even more money. These on-sale items regularly include various quality levels of every type of home fitness gym imaginable, so you should be able to find what you?re looking for on sale from various online shops.

Additionally, well-kept but used home gyms are cheap options for budget shoppers. Quite a few websites feature used home gyms equipment. Some can also be found in most newspapers? classified sections or from many retailers that sells home gyms. Most of these gym machines are in brand new condition, since they are were just slightly used and because the past owners were perhaps just desperate to sell them and so heavy discounts are possible many times.

Remember, it is important to buy from a reliable and reputable retailer. You have to consider that not all used equipment will have similar warranties as brand new home gym machines. As much as possible, you should stick to well established online stores. If you decide on getting a used machine from local retailers, then make sure you check on the quality of what you?re buying before spending a dime.

The steadfast and dedicated bargain seeker will surely find their desired cheap home gym. On-sale home gyms, used home gyms, as well as discounted home gyms, all offer good options for the price conscious customer. Most websites provide shoppers the opportunity to compare costs online, helping you grab the perfect deal for your situation.

With these money-saving options, people won?t have to settle for any low cost home gym that simply does not meet their needs. Consumers should keep in mind of their body fitness goals, besides the cost, and keep looking until they find the perfect workout machine that suits their budget and their specific exercise needs.

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Bodybuilding Supplements - For Worked Out Muscle Cells Crying Out "Feed Me, Feed Me!"

You may be doing hours of exercise but if you want to increase your results you need to look to bodybuilding supplements. The fact is, that unless you ensure that you eat six optimally balanced meals each day, you're not going to be getting those hoped-for muscles as quickly as you could if you were using bodybuilding supplements. Yes, I know it's confusing with the enormous array of choices, and supplements are always expensive but if you choose well, you can have incredible results which make them well worth the money.

Bodybuilding supplements can give your body the perfect dietetic balance that will promote the speedy acquisition of those desired-for muscles. There are many varieties of bodybuilding supplements so you will need to research to find the one that is best suited to your goals. Be careful while using bodybuilding supplements, as their improper use is harmful.

If you're looking for meal replacement powders try to find one that has everything you need to effectively supplement your bodybuilding project. This will save you buying multiple ones and although it may work out as a little more expensive, it is easier than buying several different supplements individually.

Price minded bodybuilders should consider buying bodybuilding supplements in bulk saving them a lot of money in the long run and doing the environment some good by saving on packaging.

If you are already using for a meal replacement shake than all you need in addition is a high quality multivitamin, once a day. However, additional Vitamin C could also be added as you cannot get too much of vitamin-C. The body just passes unused amounts. How much is a good amount for a bodybuilder? About 3000 milligrams per day evenly spaced out. If your multivitamin has 1000 milligrams of vitamin-C, just add another 1000mgs at lunch and dinner.

Fast absorbing protein bodybuilding supplements add to the results of each exercise as large muscles need protein for rebuilding and strengthening. Whey is one of the best sources as it is the fastest and completely absorbs.

Following the manufacturer's instructions for taking body supplements can prevent from you doing harm. The amounts give in the usage instructions are there because the process of muscle increase requires a specific amount for nutritional balance.


There are an enormous amount of bodybuilding supplements to choose from but once you're sure of what you need to supplement your diet and exercise, the results will convince you that they are money well spent.

Brooke Hayles
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Becoming #1: Beginning Competitive Bodybuilding

If you are going to put a lot of time, effort, and money into training, you might wish to show off the end results in a bodybuilding fitness competition. These contests are held throughout the country and world and showcase some of the most physically fit bodies known to humankind. There are many levels of competition, so don't worry if you aren't Mr. Universe just yet-you can find a competition that is right for you. Any sort of contest does, however, require a dedication to training, including a healthy diet and lots of exercise.

The first thing you should do when you decide to begin competitive bodybuilding is to find a coach. It will be much easier to break into the competition world if you have someone with a little experience under his or her belt guiding you. With your coach, decide on a training schedule and diet, and choose whether or not you want to take supplements. Natural training is, of course, always best, but you may wish to take vitamins or other supplements to make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs even if you cut some foods out of your diet.

Next, research some of the events held near you. Local events are a good place to start if you live in a big city. If not, you may have to travel some distance to find events, so plan accordingly. Some competitions have an entry fee, and all have different rules of conduct. In most cases, you will have an orientation session the day or morning before the event, but you need to be well prepared before this to avoid looking like a novice in front of the judges. Before the competition, you should not only train, but also learn to flex while you pose and still look relaxed. You may also want to tan, remove hair, and take other measures to help your body look as lean and sculpted as possible. Your coach, if he or she has participated in competitive bodybuilding, should be able to give you advice in these areas.

After the competition, evaluate your performance, good or bad. Nobody is perfect, but by learning from past mistakes, you can do better at future competitions. Keep your eyes peeled in the staging area-what are other competitors doing to help their performance? As soon as the winners are announced and the applause has died, head to the judges' table. They are the experts and can give you a quick verbal assessment of your body and give you advice for your next competition. Be humble and listen to everything they have to say, both positive and negative. In no time, it will be you in the winner's circle, and you can give advice to the new competitive bodybuilders in your area.

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Bodybuilding Supplements - The Science Behind A Better Body

These days, it is very common to use bodybuilding supplements to improve your appearance. With all the scientific research into nutrition, the benefits of supplements for building muscles are becoming more accepted. Maybe you are looking to add supplements to your bodybuilding regime. If so, some knowledge is necessary to prevent you from wasting money as there are numerous bodybuilding supplements and it can be difficult to know exactly where to get started.

Firstly, you need to understand that no amount of bodybuilding supplements will automatically build muscles. No, you're not going to wake up one morning with rippling muscles due to supplements! However, they will work with your current dietary intake to create a process that is more favorable in building muscle. So, with no magic about to happen, you need three things: a nutritious, well-balanced diet, regular workouts, and body-building supplements.

These supplements are often found in different forms like bars, tablets, powders, and shakes. How they get into your system isn't the most important consideration; it's what the bodybuilding supplements consist of that really matters. If you really want to ensure a good regimen, go for all types as each one is most suited to a particular type of supplement.

Understandably, men are the main group marketed for bodybuilding supplements. However, women can also benefit from them, except for possibly the ones that have high amounts of complex carbohydrates. These are often the weight gain bars and shakes and people with a body fat percentage above 10% shouldn't use these.

A healthy woman has about 20% body fat and most men starting body building rarely have body fat below 10%. So, only a highly skilled female bodybuilder should consider the use of these weight gain supplements. Male bodybuilders should use these sparingly to start with also. The reason being is that these weight gain supplements don't work well with beginners because their metabolic rate doesn't have the capacity to utilize the extra carbohydrates and the body ends up storing them as fat.

It's all about lean muscle mass. Bodybuilders should use bodybuilding supplements that are protein based so that more lean muscle mass can be achieved. Protein supplements have no steroidal effect at all as they allow you to gain muscles faster without the need to take six balanced meals per day to get the best nutritional balance.

If you're planning to buy bodybuilding supplements buy in bulk to save yourself some cash and make sure you follow usage directions.


Bodybuilding supplements won't magically build you rippling muscles! You need to use them as a supplement to a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. If you're a beginner, stay away from ones with complex carbohydrates unless you need the weight gain.

Brooke Hayles
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Smith Machine Home Gyms - How Fast Can You Say Versatility

The Smith machine is the most popular of all the gym equipment on the market. This article provides you with information about this exercise equipment. Many people feel that the Smith machine is the best exercise equipment on the market. The reason for this is the versatility of such a machine for targeting most of the muscles in the body during a workout. Combining the use of this machine with dumbbells and free weights can give you a complete body workout.

If you have a good machine it will be counter balanced and easy for you to control. This takes you attention off keeping your balance and allows you to concentrate on the exercises. The smoothness of the movements puts very little strain on your muscles so there is less chance of an injury or strain. If you want to lift weights, this machine enables you to do so without the use of a spotter to help you.

You can do multiple exercises on this machine. Some of these are: squats and lunges for your legs; shoulder press for delts; shrugs for the traps; flat or incline bench press for the chest; bent over rows for the back and close grip bench press for the triceps. Using this machine for your exercise routine helps you to run the full gamut of exercises for the entire body.

You can have your own machine at home if you want would rather exercise at home than at the gym. Even though it would be cheaper to pay a gym membership, having your own piece of equipment allows you to workout at home in private whenever you want.

Check out for articles on smith machine home gyms and rowing machines for home.

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Stamina Bandflex Home Gym Reviews' - Should I Get A Bowflex Instead?

An affordable alternative to the Bowflex is the Bandflex Home Gym. The Bandflex Home Gym uses a series of 6 bungee cables with three on each side to give you the resistance you need in your weight training.

You stretch and pull these cables as you lift. A quick snap click lets you change the resistance levels to match your experience level and needs. In comparison to the Bowflex, this home gym seems to have more appealing features for far less money. There are 67 different exercises you can do and it is offers up to 260m pounds of resistance.

The Bandflex Home Gym consists of a multi-position bench, which of course is adjustable and a bench press. It has a lat pulldown for your back and triceps. For your legs, it features a leg curl, a leg press and a leg extension to give a workout for all the muscles.

There is a preacher curl attachment you can use for your biceps and a seated row for your back and shoulders. A simple adjustment of the pin lets you move through the exercises easily. It also takes up much less space and can be folded for easy storage.

The bungee cables of this machine tend to stretch and gradually get too long for then to be of any use to you. This means you will have to purchase replacement cables for the equipment.

OVerall, we do recommend the Bandflex home gym instead of the Bowflex. But, do bear in mind the pointers above and you will be have very satisfied with your purchase.

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